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The White House has reached an agreement Pfizer and BioNTech provide Provide 500 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to about 100 countries According to multiple people familiar with the matter, in the next two years, President Biden plans to announce an agreement as early as Thursday.

Under tremendous pressure to take more measures to address the global vaccine shortage and the vaccination gap between rich and poor countries, the president hinted at the plan when asked Wednesday morning if he has a vaccination strategy for the world.

“I have one, I will announce it,” Mr. Biden said, Shortly before he boarded Air Force One His first trip abroad As President, he first went to Cornwall, England, to meet the leaders of the Group of Seven.

People familiar with the transaction said the United States will pay for these doses at “non-profit” prices. The first batch of 200 million doses will be distributed this year, and 300 million doses will be distributed next year. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is expected to appear with the president when Biden announces the news.

The United States has signed a contract to purchase 300 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which requires two injections. According to a person familiar with the matter, the new agreement is separate from these contracts, bringing the total doses the United States has agreed to purchase from these companies to 800 million doses so far.

Biden appointed White House coronavirus response coordinator for global vaccinations, Jeffrey D. Zients, said in a statement on Wednesday that the president will use the “momentum” of the US vaccination campaign to “unify the world.” Democratic country”. Focusing on solving this crisis on a global scale, the United States has taken the lead in creating a vaccine library, which is vital to our global fight against Covid-19. “

The 500 million doses are still far below the 11 billion doses estimated by the World Health Organization for global vaccination, but it has greatly exceeded the number promised by the United States so far. Other countries have been begging the United States to share its abundant vaccine supply.

Last week, Mr. Biden stated that the United States will 25 million doses distributed This month, travel to Caribbean and Latin American countries; South and Southeast Asia; Africa; and the Palestinian territories, Gaza and the West Bank.

These doses are the first of the 80 million doses that Mr. Biden promised to send abroad by the end of June.

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