Japanese style Belgrave Heights dream for sale

A Japanese-style house designed to “sit on the water” hovering by the infinity pool among the trees of Belgrave Heights.

This three-story house was influenced by the flowing water villa of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, which was built in the name of a waterfall.

Glenn Chandler, Director of Real Estate at Chandler & Co said 106 Moreton Hill Road The glass and brick structure of the residence makes it one of the most eye-catching residences in the area.

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106 Moreton Hill Road, Belgrave Heights, closer to home, allowing you to feel Asian style.

The peaceful home is located on a hill.

Influence of Asian style.

Sparkling city landscape and sunset.

Mr. Chandler said: “This is a very peaceful and peaceful place. They built it according to the environment.”

“It is designed like a home for an Asian sitting on the water.

Mr. Chandler said: “The supplier completely refurbished it last year, and they actually bought it (from me) 10 years ago.”

If the Melbourne blockade continues, intermediaries may have to sell it in the same way.

He added: “It got a good response in the early days, but due to restrictions, I really didn’t experience much.”

The open-plan living room is full of natural light.

In addition to forming a “perfect sunset view”, the large windows also enhance indoor and outdoor living.

The lagoon-style swimming pool, hot tub and adjoining wooden deck are surrounded by glowing green lights.

Inside, each of the three bedrooms has built-in wardrobes and its own private balcony.

Ms. Chandler said that he expects Melbourne families to be interested in this, and they want to ensure “their privacy and seclusion”.

Each has a private balcony.

“I have been dealing with many buyers from Fitzroy and Northcote who want to enter the area,” he added.

“It has a view of the city, and you can still commute to the Central Business District if needed.”

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