“It’s not controversial”: Matt Keane pushes New South Wales to phase out plastic

New South Wales Energy Minister Matt Keane said that the state government’s promotion of phasing out plastics is “not controversial” but “practical environmentalism”. The legislation will prohibit the use of plastic plates, cutlery, and even plastic rods on cotton earplugs. When discussing why this issue requires legislation, Mr. Keane told Sky News host Chris Kenny that every other state and territory, as well as the Commonwealth, has legislation for this. “And companies are moving in this direction, so in fact, this actually costs companies operating in New South Wales and the entire Union because they have to have different systems in each different state and territory. ,”He says. “All we are doing is seeking to align with what is happening at the federal level and what the industry is already doing.” According to Mr. Keane, the legislation is “practical environmentalism” and it will bring better to the environment. And bring better health outcomes to the community. “This is good for our planet and good for human health. This is a win-win situation.”

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