Is It Necessary To Get An eTA To Come In Canada

ETA canada

ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization. It is needed for all visa exempt foreign nationals who want to board for a flight to Canada. As per August 1, 2015, it has been mandatory to apply for an eTA online for this purpose. There is a questionnaire that will help you learn about the requirement, prerequisites, supporting proofs, procedure of application and other information pertaining to eTA.

Things that you need

In order to submit an application for an eTA, you must have a few things such as:

  • A valid passport
  • A credit card
  • An email address
  • An internet connection.

Steps to apply for an eTA:

To apply for an eTA, you need to visit Canada’s citizenship and immigration website. Go to eTA application page. You will need to enter following things over there:

  • Your name,
  • Your email address,
  • Your Passport Number,
  • Answer a few questions about yourself on the website
  • You need to pay a specified fee by credit card

How much time does it take for an eTA to get allocated?

By performing the above procedure, it generally takes only a few minutes to accomplish the procedure. eTA obtained in this manner will be valid for five years or till the time your passport expires. If you are looking to apply for an eTA or get it renewed, then you must visit

Is there any age restriction to get an eTA?

There is no age-exemption to get an eTA. All eTA mandatory foreign nationals need to have an eTA irrespective of age.

ETA canada

Why is it needed to renew eTA when applying for a new passport?

At the time of applying for a new passport, it is essential to get your eTA renewed too. It is because your eTA is electronically linked to a particular passport that you have used at the time of application of eTA. In absence of a passport linked to the eTA at the time of arriving at the airport, you won’t be permitted to board a flight to Canada.

Is eTA needed for US citizens?

U.S. citizens won’t require an eTA but they must have their identity documents like passport for the verification purpose.

Do permanent residents from the U.S. need eTAs?

Permanent residents of US require both eTA and Green card or permanent resident card in several cases. At the time of application, they would need both, their passport as well as their Green Card. eTA will be linked electronically to the non-U.S. passport. You will need your green card as permanent residential evidence in the USA.

Do I need to present an eTA when traveling by sea or land?

You only require an eTA in two conditions:

  • if you come from a country that needs eTA
  • If you are flying to Canada

On the other hand, if you belong to a country that needs a visa in place of an eTA to visit Canada, then you have to get a visa to enter the boundary of Canada.


ETA has become an essential need for all those who are flying to Canada. If you don’t have one, then this information will definitely equip you with the necessary information about ETA.

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