Injured Daniel Andrews sends a message to Victorians about the coronavirus lockdown


The Governor of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, sent a message to Victorians because they would endure another week of lockdown.

The last public statement of Mr. Andrews was in April. He had been on sick leave because he recovered from a severe fall, which caused him to fracture his five ribs and vertebrae.

On Wednesday night, Mr Andrews said that he wanted to “transmit a message” to Victorians after news of the extension of the Victorian “circuit breaker” lockdown measures came out.

The lockdown was originally scheduled to end at 11:59 pm on June 3, but now strict restrictions will continue in Melbourne 7 days later.

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According to reports, Mr. Andrews receives every day the latest news from his deputy James Melino, who appeared in front of the media when his leader was absent.

However, the prime minister has maintained a relatively private attitude during his recovery. Yesterday, when asked about his possible return to work this month, the Victorian government was silent. Mr. Andrews initially set June as a potential return date.

All this changed overnight.

In his new note, he apologized to residents who did not “be with everyone” and praised Mr. Melino for taking over the arduous job.

“Just because we had to do this before does not mean it is easy to do it again,” Mr. Andrews said.

“Some of us will be very tired. Some stressed. Some people feel unwell due to this pandemic. It may be a mixture of the three.

“But please know that every effort you make today, and everything you do tomorrow and every day in the future, will save lives.

“Record tests, record vaccinations, record battles-we do this to protect our community, our state, and the entire country.

“Proud of what you have achieved, and proud of our state.

“Keep fighting, Victoria.”

Mr. Andrews revealed that next week he will perform more scans and meet with his medical team, which may provide more insights on whether or when he will be able to return to the top position.

“I will let you know how it is and the exact time I will be back on deck later this month,” he wrote.

The phrase “thank you Dan” became popular on social media overnight.

On Tuesday, Health Minister Martin Foley revealed that Mr. Merlino had been briefing Mr. Andrews on major issues, but made it clear who is currently responsible.

“There are very few decisions-in fact, I am very confident that there are no suitable import decisions-from the perspective of the budget and the direction of the government’s strategic actions, they were made without the Prime Minister’s awareness at all,” Mr. Say.

“Government departments make millions of decisions every day, and the governor does not make these decisions.

“The acting prime minister is responsible and consults closely with the prime minister.”

When asked whether Mr. Andrews should make a statement on the recent blockade, he said: “His focus is recovery.”

Six new local cases of Covid-19 were confirmed overnight, bringing the state’s infection cluster to 60.

More than 51,000 test results were received in 24 hours, and more than 20,500 doses of vaccine were given.

Starting at 11:59 pm on Thursday, June 3, Melbourne residents still have only five reasons to leave home, including buying food and supplies, authorized work and study, nursing and nursing, exercise and vaccinations.

The travel radius for sports and shopping will be expanded to 10 kilometers. Students in grades 11 and 12 can also resume face-to-face learning from June 4 (Friday), including students in other grades who are studying Unit 3/4 VCE subjects.

Many outdoor jobs will also be added to the list of authorized jobs, including landscaping, installing solar panels or letter boxes, etc. The restrictions on wearing masks will remain unchanged.


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