In the case of Queensland politicians’ salary increase, Palaszczuk gave himself a “terrible look”


According to Oliver Peterson of 6PR, Queensland politicians will “fail the bar test” to get a raise in the next 18 months. The Courier Post reported that the four-year salary freeze for state legislators has been lifted. Parliamentarians will now increase their salary by 2% from September, and another 2.25% in March next year. “It’s ridiculous. It didn’t pass the bar test. It’s impossible in the world,” Mr. Peterson told Sky News host Peter Gleason. “Annastacia Palaszczuk should come out tomorrow morning and say,’Ah, we reject this’. “Don’t raise your salary now. While we are still fighting this epidemic, the Prime Minister brings home more money. This It’s too bad, this is a huge loss, this is an absurd decision. ”


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