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Good evening everyone and welcome to a bright new world Hundred yuanThis is the first men’s game in the latest format of cricket. It’s Twenty20 now, and the discount is nearly 20%!

Half a century ago, in 1971, two major changes took place that shocked the hearts of the British: The first one-day international cricket match began, and the currency became a decimal. Tonight British (men’s) cricket finally caught up with the penny in the pocket through the decimal system itself. Six goals were eliminated and replaced by a five ball that should be called “five.” Each team gets 20 of them, instead of changing the ending after each one, the defenders do not rotate every two. In addition, the bowler can throw two balls in a row! It is as if the European Central Bank has not considered these poor old reporters at all in the painful plan for this moment for many years. We don’t even know what to call ourselves now.

The Centurion played a women’s game between the same team last night, Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals (if you think the name is bad, wait until you see Their motto). I watched the game, enjoyed it, and found that it is no different from T20. Yes, there are fireworks, free tickets, DJs, and kids who are interviewed on TV (question: “Which team do you play for?” Answer: “I don’t know”), and coaching time— Come out, and during the chase, running is a countdown rather than an increase. But there is also a white ball, a flat court, a small playing area, one or two reverse sweeps, many slow balls, a sense of occasion and a kind of fun. Anyone who is eager to mumble “this is not cricket” is likely to be disappointed because it is not more disappointed.

This game is determined by a good counter-attack partnership (between two players who happen to be married couples), some brave hitters, and a few drops of the ball. cricket Even if you play cricket on the beach, one flick with one hand counts as half. Last night’s game was attended by some of the most talented women in the world, and it was definitely a cricket game. Tonight’s game will be the same, Jos Butler and Carlos Brathwaite are expected to play for Originals, and Jason Roy will join the invincible team with Tom and Sam Coron. Covering it may be a challenge, but watching it will be a treat.

The game starts at 6.30pm UK time, So I will come back to participate in the competition around 6.05.

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