Horse racing: together with Shayne O’Cass, provide the best bets for Scone and Sapphire Coast


A recent trial prepared a pony trained by Scott Singleton to start her campaign with a victory.Best bet, internal mail

Formal analyst Shayne O’Cass is keen on a promising pony in the Scott Singleton stable to win first place on the circuit in her hometown.

Table: Complete NSW Racing thoroughbred horse table, including video replays and all the information you need to know about each horse, jockey and trainer. Find the winner here!


the best choice

Game 4 Game 8: BAIYKA

A well-trained pony locally, she participated in some trustworthy races during her short career. Recently defeated here later the winner won the trial.

Next best

Game 6 Game 7: Eternal Grace

When she won the first round of Tuncurry, she left really late. There are also some provincial forms on the resume. Go well.

Value betting

Game 3 Game 10: Spell check

Give the right sign in his trial. Came from the savvy camp and there was a tie.


Game 4: 2,4,8

Game 5: 2,3

Game 6: 2,7

Game 7: 1, 2, 5, 12

Jockey follow

After winning the double at Randwick on Saturday, Jay Ford has another complete ride at Scone and should win several titles again.

Sapphire Coast

the best choice

Game 6 Game 1: UPPER HOUSE

Win 10 games and get 10 points from 50 games. Has been playing in a better company than this. Get this statement.

Next best

Game 2, Game 5: SINGING DIXIE

It may be thought that she will win a game now, but she may never get a better chance than Tuesday.

VoltRegional betting

Game 3 Game 8: STELLA BAIA

The first appearance was when Gundagai won like a handy horse. Fail next time, spell it, come back now.

Scam internal mail

Game 4

Five of Baiyka’s seven starts were at home; this is her only victory so far and two of the three rankings. You can’t expect her to have a better trial and defeat a horse that won on Sunday. Last Chance Dance has participated in 21 games, achieved 3 victories, 11 rankings, 8 of which are seconds. So she deserves a medal here. When Isalute drew the first obstacle, his chances increased

bet: Baika wins

Game 5

Taketheshot has always shown an ability to be respected in his record. In many ways, you really have to mark this horse as “up” because he has been cursed for the barrier draw. Ah, but not on Tuesday-the second box and Robert Thompson! In the 17 games on CV, only one victory was achieved in 15 rounds, but he performed well in a rock-solid company. On cup day, he also made a huge lead here. A room somewhere can never be ruled out.

bet: Taketheshot won, quinella 2,3, Daily Double Round 1 (3), Round 2 (12)

Game 6

Lasting grace is a rather relaxed and promising type. The mare trained by Kristen Buchanan easily won an impressive first place in Tuncurry over 1,040 meters on May 15. Obstacle 1 and a great jockey from Dylan Gibbons losing 1.5 kg is a real temptation. The Queen of Saints is terrible in class-from dark gems to benchmark 58. If circumstances permit, she can launch. Wyong is in the combination with Hidden Hills and Sapphires Son.

bet: Enduring grace wins, three consecutive victories 2,3,5,7

Game 7

I would love to see what Dawn Flight can bring here when she participates in a new event for the first time. The mare trained by Jarrod Austin participated in 3 races in the first preparation, all in Orange, and each race was better than the previous one. She lost to Eduardo in a trial at home and finished third, and she seems to be recovering well. Chaready is a considerable obstacle because he is actually the last starting champion on the cup day. above. From The Hip and Manangatang were also the winners of the last race.

bet: Dawn flight one way

Internal Mail of the Sapphire Coast

Game 4

Hardcore went on vacation after winning the Tumut Cup on February 13th, but unfortunately, when he resumed the game in Vaga in the penalty area on May 7th from an inside draw, he did not really show himself Full potential. Love this venue. Mr. Magic is another person who has performed well on the Sapphire Coast. Most importantly, he was the last starter winner-also drew a peach. Hay Bale won the Border Town Cup on February 8, and has been very good in spelling and trial use recently.

bet: Hardcore wins, quinella 4,5

Game 5

Face The Day attracted 13 of the 13 people here, and they have the same top weight, which is difficult to look at from the face value, but he has always performed well throughout the campaign. In addition to weight and draw (remember, he is back), he still needs fantasy. Rangarush made 14 starts without winning, but the good news is that he won 15 starts, which also happened to be on the same track and distance. Huge player. No comparison is more suitable, more suitable for mile second.

bet: Facing this day to win, three consecutive victories 1,3,8,13

Game 6

The House of Lords has 10 times and got 10 of his 50 starts. In any case, this is a daunting strike rate. This will be the last game of his campaign, and it is almost certain that it will be the weakest game he has participated in in a long time. Magico Hombre participated in three games here and won two victories. He also participated in some very popular competitions, performed well among his competitors, and ran very well, sometimes even better than it looks on paper. The best Scarleo will be enough to win a medal.

bet: The House of Lords wins, exacta/quinella 1, 6

Game 7

Keitel has participated in 38 games. If you combine her victory with the ranking, there are 17 games. This is close to a 50% return on investment for one-way bettors. Because of her wide door, this It’s her only way out now. The run of the Queen of the South must be very important here. Roman Candle finished fourth in the Scone game in the last game for Paul Perry. This was his first outing for Nick Olive and he found a lovely game for him. Legislation is a great hope.

bet: Ketel one way, quinoa 6,10


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