Geelong Cats vs. Brisbane Lions: AFL coach Chris Scott admits honestly, coach Chris Fegan, Rachinier

After Brisbane explained his cat accurately on Thursday night, coach Chris Scott admitted it honestly to the media.

After Brisbane put the Cats on the sword with a 44-point victory over Gabba on Thursday, Geelong senior coach Chris Scott said “We haven’t been defeated so badly in a long time.”

But Scott believed that Geelong could rebound quickly in the game against Essendon next weekend. His veterans defeated him and led the team to salvation.

The Lions effectively broke Geelong’s six-game winning streak and expanded their lead every time they changed the ball. The Cats forward trio Tom Hawkins, Jeremy Cameron and Gary Rohan played between them. With one goal, captain Joel Selwood only touched the ball 13 times.

Scott said that this fiasco was not sugar-coated, but there was no need to panic.

“You never think,’Oh, okay, that’s great’. We can’t cover it up completely, but we have gathered a lot of evidence now,” he said.

“For some reason, we have a large group of players who are not in their best form tonight, and it may have been a week or so, but we have to get them back on the team.

“Dangerfield is obvious there. We think we have a large number of players who have missed football and they will get better over time. At the moment our thinking is much more optimistic than pessimism, although it is a bit stinging, but sometimes You will be defeated by a good opponent.”

He said that the preparations for a conflict with the bomber team will be reduced by the “outstanding” Lions teams that have won in their first term.

“I occasionally look forward to the team we are going to play in, and the first thing I think is because I still have a long way to go about these things and I am very pessimistic. If they do, will there be many problems in that game ? And we will have trouble. Essendon clearly falls into this category,” Scott said.

“As a coach, I’m really lucky to have a group of players working with our coach and we do it together. If we go through a patch where we are not going well, we will have it and we will work together.

“I almost treat some of them as my peers. I have always known that I work for them, not the other way around… But in most cases, I think we will do it together.”

Scott said that as the competition for the top four heats up, the Cats need to return to their best form as soon as possible.

“I think there are several other teams under these teams, and if they gain some momentum, it will be difficult to stop. The top of the ladder is really tight and it is wrong to look too far forward,” he said .

“I want to be careful, I will not say something that will not weaken Brisbane’s performance because it is very good, but I suspect that if we do something we did to anyone tonight, we will be in trouble.

“Maybe enough to fight against teams smaller than Brisbane, but we will have trouble. This is the part we have to correct. Again, I am not using a performance as a basis to condemn those who have been really good to you for a long time. player of.

“In the context of our season, at first glance, I think we have some work to do. We shouldn’t cover it up, but we shouldn’t give up our bondage either. We are in a good position to play better than that. Much better, and we are confident that we will play much better than that for the rest of the season.

“Everyone has a rest night, and we seem to have a lot of important players spent the rest night together.”

Lach and load

Brisbane senior coach Chris Fagan said that despite a shoulder injury in Brisbane’s 44-point victory over Geelong in Brisbane on Thursday night, Brownlow Award winner Rachinel will challenge Adelaide next weekend. Opportunity.

The Brisbane team emphasized its 2021 banner certificate in this convincing victory, and when Neal was hit hard by Geelong’s Jeremy Cameron in the first quarter, the victory seemed to have paid a high price. cost.

He finally stood up, but grabbed his right shoulder and was driven out of the venue by Brisbane medical staff. He quickly returned to the game, but still clearly felt unwell.

His championship qualities shined when he finished the game, and completed 24 disposals, 8 controversial offenses, 6 tackles, 2 clearances, 7 inside 50s and 3 scoring assists.

“Yes, I think he really just got a jar, and he can get out without any restraints or anything like that,” Fagan said.

“I think it might be a bit painful tomorrow, but we still have a few days to prepare for Adelaide, so as far as I know, he should be fine.”

Jordanianhe (four goals) and Charlie Cameron (three goals) are the strikers with great lethality. Defenders Harris Andrews, Marcus Adams, Brandon Stačević and Daniel Ricci performed well. The Lions midfielder led by Dane Zoko, Jared Lyon and Neal can be seen everywhere and exerts a lot of pressure throughout the night.

Fagan said that if Brisbane meets the Cats in the final, this victory will give them valuable confidence.

“I think it’s important for us to try to start to beat the other top four teams. We haven’t done it this season, so if you can, it’s always better to record these victories when you enter the end of the year. So yes, it is pleasant,” he said.

“There is still a long way to go this season, and there is still a lot of work to be done, so we will only keep our feet on the ground, plan well every week, and respect every opponent we face.

“I think every week is a challenge. The team and the game are constantly evolving, so I don’t think you can just sit back and watch.”

Veteran Grant Birchal is late due to illness, and the performance of the back line will make the game committee a headache in the conflict with the Ravens.

He praised the performance of second-year player Dev Robertson, who spent most of the game dealing with the Cats captain Joel Selwood and allowed him to touch the ball 13 times.

“He is a good young player. He has a big heart. He never stops trying. That’s why his teammates like him. He is an excellent tackler and takes his role to the utmost. He grows every week,” Fagan said.

Fagan said that Rich-with the team’s highest 25 disposals-is experiencing one of his best campaigns.

“He had a great season, Daniel. Very, very consistent. Not only in his ball-handling ability, his competitiveness, his game is halved, and his defensive partner organization has performed well,” he said.

“He is growing into a leader, I think he is now in his 30s, but he is really starting to bear fruit in that field.”

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