Friedenberg denies the idea that Victoria was “cheated”

Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg (Josh Frydenberg) dismissed the view that streamlining revenue support is an admission of the lack of change in Victoria in the past.

After reaching a late-night deal, Victorians will face a third lockdown in 2021.

After announcing the five-day lockdown, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Governor Daniel Andrews met on Thursday night.

The two reached an agreement that although the lockdown lasted less than 7 days, Victorians were eligible for financial support from the first day.

Mr. Friedenberg told Sky News: “With the development of the virus, our response is constantly evolving. Obviously we are dealing with the very difficult situation of a new, more infectious, and more dangerous COVID strain in real time. “

“We also recognize that Victoria entered a lockdown state more than a month ago.

“Our response is to provide revenue support and business support to enable companies to retain employees.

“What we have been seeking to do here is to quickly provide support to those who need it most.”

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