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You have to admire the status of tennis in health.The female No. 2 was forced to withdraw from the Grand Slam because she took a small step to protect her mental balance, while the male has been constantly Promote anti-coronavirus vaccine information Novak Djokovic was not officially condemned for this, nor was he condemned for violating all recommendations at the absurd Super Communicator tournament held in the Balkans last summer, which made several players ( Including him) was infected with Covid.As for the level of iniquity of the sport, how predictable it would be a “press conference” to unite all four Grand Slams in a joint condemnation press release, and they will face the sixth-ranked Alexander Zvere in a few months. Husband remained completely silent He was accused Describes in detail the domestic violence and mental abuse of his ex-girlfriend. Zverev denies; in any case, denial is still tennis’s comfort zone. According to a study, for a major sport, testing performance-enhancing drugs is fundamentally non-curiosity. 2016 survey, At the same level as kayaking or handball.


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