French Open 2021: Novak Djokovic vs. Stephenos Sisipas final, viral video, tennis news, boy gets a racket

Tennis fans were very angry after the most heartwarming moments of Novak Djokovic’s French Open victory were erased by the owner of the sport.

Angry tennis fans accused the sport of taking unnecessary action at the best moment of Monday’s French Open men’s final, which was kicking its own feet.

Novak Djokovic took another step in consolidating his GOAT (the greatest in history) status Unbelievable five-set victory over Stefanos Sisipas Won the 19th Grand Slam Championship.But the real highlight is The reaction of young fans when the Serb gave him a racket After the game.

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The boy was overwhelmed with emotion and lost it completely when the camera zoomed in.

Djokovic said in a post-match press conference: “Basically, he was in my ears for the entire game, especially when I lost two sets.” “He was encouraging me, but he was actually giving I tactics.

“Literally, he was guiding me, and I found it very cute and very good.

“The person who gave the best racket is him. After the game, I thank him for staying with me and supporting me.”

The video of the exchange spread quickly and received millions of views on social media. However, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) later deleted the video from the account that shared the video on the grounds of copyright infringement.

NFL star JJ Watt was one of many people who posted content and posted it to his 5.6 million fans, but his video was deleted.

This decision caused anger within the tennis circle, and many people questioned why it would erase the best things the sport has to offer.

Tennis analyst Matthew Willis wrote on Twitter: “These are certified sports reporters/media trying to share an interesting thing that happened. Is it definitely good for the sport or bad for the copyright owner? ?”

Commentator Jose Morgado stated that “FFT is very shameful in that department”, calling it “untrue”.

French tennis reporter Carol Bouchard wrote: “This is crazy. Don’t delete that video! I’ll go. This is not the time for flexible television rights! When it spreads beyond the border, don’t shoot with your feet. This sport. Love it, read the room!”

American tennis superstar Andy Roddick (Andy Roddick) was also inspired. “We often can’t get rid of our own way,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sports business reporter Darren Lowell added: “Congratulations to the French Tennis Federation and/or NBC, they asked to delete my video about the boy getting a Djokovic racket. The video received 5.5 million views, more than Any highlight of any game. Very suitable for hard sports. But you protect your rights!”

The boy’s mother shared a photo of this lovely moment on Instagram, saying it was “without a doubt the best moment of the French Open and my son’s life”.

“This moment will remain in memory forever,” she added, calling Djokovic a “true champion.”

At the same time, Djokovic set his sights on the Golden Grand Slam and the Olympic champion of the four Grand Slams, insisting that “anything is possible.”

His victory over Sisipas made him the first man in the Open era and only ranked third in history, winning all four Grand Slam titles multiple times. Now, his goal is to become the third person to complete the calendar grand slam after Don Bach in 1937 and Rod Laver in 1962 and 1969.

Most importantly, he also hopes that the Olympic gold medal can complete the gold grand slam.

“Anything is possible. As far as I am concerned, I can say with certainty that everything I have experienced in my career, in my life, so far, this journey has been great,” Djokovic Say.

“I have achieved some things that many people thought I could not achieve.

“So anything is possible, I really put myself in a good position to fight for the gold slam.”

No man has ever completed a gold grand slam, and in the women’s competition, only Steve Graff in 1988 swept all four grand slams and Olympic gold medals in the same year.

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