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When asked why the Australian dollar was “ubiquitous” at the moment after it fell to its lowest point, Daniel Ricciardo’s boss gave a direct answer.

Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren boss gave a direct answer when asked why his teammates were struggling this season when flying.

The 31-year-old Monaco Grand Prix weekend was a nightmare from the beginning, qualifying for the 12th game. A full second slower Higher than teammate Lando Norris (Lando Norris), finally finished 12th- Norris looked at him as he was humiliated as he went around his knees.

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Norris finished third, which was his third professional podium.

In this year’s five Grand Prix, he has a better performance than Ricciardo.

Andreas Seidl, the head of the McLaren team, has never questioned Ricciardo’s status or his future ability to deliver results to the team – he explained exactly why on Thursday morning When asked about the gap, why the Australian struggled so much with his new MCL35M.

His answer is directly related to Ricciardo’s enrollment at the beginning of this month, and he is still struggling with certain aspects of the new car. Especially to lock the brakes.

Seidl’s new statement now highlights how unnatural Ricciardo’s changes have been after jumping off Renault at the end of 2020.

“In order to drive our cars fast today, you need a special driving style, which is unnatural to Daniel,” Seidl said that according to F1.com.

“That’s why it is not difficult for him to get performance and get performance.

“We just need to keep teamwork: keep calm, keep learning, keep

Analyze and do two things. This is his further adaptation to our car, because he sees the potential, which is a very positive thing for him, and Lando can achieve this goal.

“At the same time, we have to start from the perspective of the team and see how we can help him in racing to restore this natural feeling. This requires you to act quickly. That is our position.”

After the game, Ricardo was still smiling while speaking, but said he had forgotten this weekend. He said that after hinting that he had “nowhere to go” during the Monaco campaign, he would need a few days to get rid of everything. .

After a false dawn, the Australian defeated Norris for the first time and rebounded at the Spanish Grand Prix. The Formula One commentator praised him for bowing his head and doing the work required for the new car, which he appreciated. After facing the fact that his teammates are faster than he is now.

He will keep a low profile until he participates in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on June 6.

Teammate laughed at Ricardo with a humiliating gesture

To make matters worse, Norris was even more insulting when he slapped his teammates on Monday morning (AEST).

When the British passed by Ricardo, he waved at him from the cockpit, mocking Honey Bad.

“Here, I cry for Daniel Ricciardo,” said Martin Brundle, an analyst at Sky Sports. Norris is bored with Ricciardo. .

“It was an unfortunate moment, wasn’t it. Daniel Ricciardo was injured.”

Researcher commentator David Croft added: “This uniform looks great and McLaren wants to see two cars together on the track on the streets of Monaco, but that’s not the case. Norris (Norris) catch Ricciardo.

Former Red Bull teammate and eventual champion Verstappen also defeated Ricardo, just like Sainz replaced by Miardo at McLaren.

Sky Sports’ Paul di Resta said that Ricciardo may feel he is at the lowest point after this latest performance.

Di Resta said: “This will be the most painful night he has experienced in Formula One.” “Forget the victory that was taken from him in the pit (2016). This victory will be apped. It is the nose……………………..

“It has to do with qualifying, it has to do with your position. During this grand prix, his speed is sometimes good, but he has not been consistent with this car. He needs to change his technique. If he is in the simulator again I will not be surprised if I work hard for a few days to master it.”


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