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Greetings from the home court of Derby, which must have the second lowest attendance in the history of the Classics-4,000 spectators-began to gather for the 242nd game of the world’s most famous flat competition.

After experiencing the unexpectedly wet experience of the 2021 Oak Festival, what a beautiful day, this afternoon was immeasurably illuminated 16 long frolics in the snowfall In the classic mare race, but after 11.8 mm of rain, we also saw a change from good, good to strong to overall good to soft.

The forecast is about 3-4 mm, which is particularly regrettable because course staff Andrew Cooper (Andrew Cooper) watered the track earlier this week to prevent it from going the other way. However, the weather was dry overnight. Hopefully, during the day of the game, the blue sky on the hillside will always be here, which means that as the afternoon progresses, the surface will dry slowly and steadily.

Derby game time is 4.30 pm British Summer Time, By then, the track may be better to softer than the current one. Although the Moscow Ballet is still a rock-solid favorite around 11-8, there are some behind Aidan O’Brien’s pony Compete for position in the market.

Mac Swiney, who last won 2,000 in Ireland and Guinea on the test field, became the obvious second favorite with 6-1 after the rain on Friday, but is now leading 9-1 because nothing more appeared overnight.However, as Bolger told me earlier this week, this may be an overreaction-the quotation did not cause Final cut -He is not worried that his runners need a relaxed field to reach their best condition.

“Because of his endurance, the conditions are in his favor,” Bolger said, “but I don’t think it has anything to do with the preference for soft ground. He drives very well, but before he ran, we always thought he was a good horse. Earth Horse, no one was more surprised than me when we found him driving on the soft ground.”

Hurricane alley, The undefeated winner of the Dante Championship in York last month, has replaced Maxweeney Ranked second with the current highest odds of 6-1, and the “dark horse” in the light race Mohafet with John Lipper Out of the game 9-1 and 10-1.

There are several potential historical creators related to the top 12 runners, including Aidan O’Brien (Aidan O’Brien), who will become the most successful coach in the British Classic, if Bolshoi Ballet Forcing the punter to achieve the 41st success (9th success in the Derby).

At the same time, Bolger will become the oldest Derby champion coach at the age of 79 (as far as anyone knows, anyway, because the record early in the game is a bit rough), and Ed Dunlop will be the first coach to be named after his father. The derby champion saddle, if John Lipper His name was added to the list, which also included Shirley Heights (1978) and Erhaab (1994), who were endorsed by his namesake.

Although this won’t be completely unique, Joseph O’Brien will be the first person to win a derby as a coach and jockey since Harry Wragg in 1961 Southern Aurora It caused a shock. His pony was only sixth behind the Bolshoi Ballet in Drinstown, but he ran into various troubles while running there and should not lose control.

This is one of the great days of world racing, the crowd is back — well, at least a little crowd — and the race itself returned to the first Saturday of June after rebounding to July 11 months ago.You can follow all the actions here when it expands, and then go back or exclude My TV game selection as you wish. Most importantly, enjoy!

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