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England only lost to Austria Once on the land of my hometown. Tony Fridge defeated Alframsey’s ambitious team 3-2 in 1965 and scored the decisive goal, but the game was not broadcast live, and his late winner never appeared in the ITV highlights that night. In the show, this is Wembley’s powerful interpretation of God’s salvation and the queen replaces it. However, this is not the anger of nationalism. This was the early days of the highlights package. The show was pieced together at the last minute. In a hurry, an inexperienced editor chose the wrong film. (I used to sing the national anthem after the game, which makes the mistake easier to understand, if not particularly less serious.)

It didn’t matter, Frich got his cheers and went home. Nicknamed Wembley Tony for the two goals he scored that night, he turned a 2-1 disadvantage into a famous victory, which was the fourth victory for a foreign team in England ( Second only to the Republic of Ireland, Hungary and Sweden). Six years later, he was signed as a kicker by the Dallas Cowboys and won the Super Bowl ring in his first season in the NFL. But we digress.

Austria’s last victory United Kingdom In 1979 in Vienna. ITV also demonstrated this and won a 4-3 thriller award.Kevin Keegan, Steve Koper and Ray Wilkins scored 11 points for Ron, while the Austrian team’s 70th minute winning goal was scored by Blue

…Of course it’s a joke. Bruno Pezzey understands that with the live broadcast of the game, his goal is to make it visible to the entire network, even those who watch it in Scotland, Grampians and Ulster may be celebrating.

The last time the two teams met in Vienna was in 2007 when Crouch scored the only goal. The last time they came here was a 1-0 defeat, and Frank Lampard scored a penalty in 2005. Gareth Southgate’s team wants to keep this beautiful trot and won their last six friendly matches, but will be wary of those who have won eight of the past ten friendly matches on their own and are in the National League. He scored 6 wins and 2 ties in the World Cup qualifiers and was defeated by Denmark 4-0 in the final match in March.

Tonight’s game starts at 8pm BST. In the absence of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United teams, Jesse Lingard has a chance to shine, and it may prove that Gareth Southgate excluded him from the last 26 games of the European Cup. Incorrect. it has started!


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