Doctors warn that more and more young people are infected with new coronavirus in intensive care unit | Novel coronavirus

More and more young people infected with the coronavirus are being taken to hospitals-including intensive care units-where doctors warn, begging them not to “suffer unnecessary pain” and receive injections.

In the first weekend after most of the Covid restrictions in England were lifted, there were photos showing nightclubs crowded with revelers everywhere, they did not wear masks and did not maintain social distancing. Medical staff warned that unvaccinated young people urgently need to protect themselves from infection to avoid serious diseases.

The warning came as scientists cautiously welcomed the decline in the Covid case rate for the fifth consecutive day —— This is the first time that cases have continued to decline without a national lockdown.

The UK recorded 29,173 new cases on Sunday, down from 48,161 the previous week. But NHS England stated that one-third of 18-29-year-olds have not received at least one dose of the vaccine—a number that has fallen to one-tenth of the entire adult population.

Although the risk of young people dying from Covid is usually much lower, doctors say they are increasingly witnessing them become severely unwell. Senior Critical Care Registrar, Dr. Samantha Batt-Rawden, said the patients they were seeing were “getting younger and younger.”

“The vast majority of people in need of intensive care are not vaccinated-some of them will die. As NHS staff, we have seen people suffer unnecessary suffering, and knowing that this can almost certainly be prevented by vaccines is heartening. Broken,” she said.

“We see that patients in their 30s or even 20s are in good health and have no other medical problems in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). As an ICU doctor, I beg you to get vaccinated. Please don’t let not vaccinating become a part of your life. The biggest mistake.”

Professor Adam Finn of the University of Bristol, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, said that during the delta mutation wave, nearly 200 people were admitted in the city, with an average age of 40.

Speaking on LBC on Sunday, he said: “We have people under the age of 30 in our intensive care unit, and they also need high-level oxygen therapy. This is not always trivial for young people. It is currently true. Some young people are seriously ill, so this is a good reason to consider vaccination.

“But the other is that these vaccines now obviously can not only reduce the risk of infection, but also reduce the risk of transmitting it to other people.”

The latest data from the UK’s National Bureau of Statistics show that the coronavirus in England is now Mainly an infection among young peopleThere are almost six times as many cases in people aged 16 to 24 years as those in people aged 50 to 69 years.

Many experts urge the government Postpone relaxation of restrictions to allow more adults to receive both Covid vaccines at the same timeOn Friday, Professor Robert West, a health psychologist and government science adviser at University College London, accused ministers of allowing the infection to sweep the young population in order to increase immunity before the outbreak. National Health Service Faced with winter pressure.

Dr. Adrian Boyle, associate dean of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said that vaccination of young people is “key.” He said that although it is rare for young people to be infected with the coronavirus, “suddenly there are a lot of people, just because there are too many new coronaviruses around.”

Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive officer of NHS Providers, which represents the hospital trust, said that members reported that “the proportion of young patients under 40 is much higher.”

Cordery also warned that long-term Covid is at risk.Government data recommendations released last month More than 2 million adults in England have experienced coronavirus symptoms that lasted for more than 12 weeks, Although the risk is found to increase with age. “It is important that everyone-regardless of age-understands the risks of not being vaccinated,” she said.

Kaveri Jalundhwala, the co-chair of the British Medical Association, a campaign and lobby group, also emphasized the long-term risks of Covid, because she has experienced it herself. She said: “Even if only 5% of people are chronically infected with the new coronavirus, there are still a large number of people suffering from very debilitating diseases that may last for a year or more.”

“It’s more frail than people realize. People can no longer do normal work, can’t do normal activities, it’s difficult for people to walk or do any exercise. We definitely recommend that you get these two vaccines as soon as possible, especially now that they are everywhere. Delta variant.”

The Shadow Minister of Health John Ashworth described the level of infection among young people as “shocking” and added: “Ministers must take more steps to promote vaccination and ensure that young people have time to receive Stabbed and opened more temporary vaccination clinics for young people. Young people.”

The impact of Covid, especially the Delta variant, on young people is getting more and more attention in other countries.In the Netherlands, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are restricted to Seven-fold increase in new cases.

In Australia, Nobel laureate immunologist Peter Doherty said on Sunday “Compared with the earlier variants of Covid, young people are at considerable risk, and the risk is higher. Young people should not think that they have no risk, or even a small risk. Because it kills.”

The government’s proposal to introduce vaccine passports has aroused strong opposition from Conservative Party members. It is not clear whether the government can summon a majority behind it.

Ministers are currently considering whether to compulsory participation in the Premier League and other events with more than 20,000 spectators, and have announced their introduction into nightclubs and “places where other crowds gather.”

Finn suggested that this might be counterproductive and a gentler approach is needed.

“If people start to feel that they are forced to do something against their will, then in a sense it is a very destructive thing because it gives the impression that [that] The vaccination was imposed on them from the outside,” he said.

A department healthy And the social care spokesperson said: “We have one of the highest Covid-19 vaccination rates in the world. The latest ONS (National Bureau of Statistics) data shows that 90% of adults under 30 years of age said they would actively vaccinate, while three-fifths Adults aged 18-24 have already received a dose of the vaccine in England.

“We are working closely with the NHS to use every opportunity to provide information on how to obtain the vaccine and its benefits-including collaborations with well-known celebrities, social media platforms and dating apps to encourage acceptance by young people.

“We will continue to make every effort to increase the acceptance of young people, and urge all those who have not made an appointment to make an appointment as soon as possible to help protect themselves and their loved ones.”

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