Demonized movers break the silence

Three Covid-19 positive migrants traveling to western New South Wales said that despite the government’s attack, they should not be blamed for the possible spread of the virus throughout the state.

On Friday morning, 27-year-old Iraqi immigrants Roni and Ramsin Shawka and 21-year-old Maryo Shanki were delivering deliveries in Orange in the west of the state when the New South Wales Department of Health called and said one of them had tested positive.

However, the police said the three and a colleague continued to enter Molong-30 minutes away-to complete the delivery.

The New South Wales Police accused the Shauka twins and Shankey of failing to comply with public health orders, and the fourth member of their team tested negative for the virus.

The three people will appear in court on August 30, but Ronnie Shauka told the Daily Telegraph that it was not his “fault”-and the business owner who hired them blamed language barriers for poor communication.

Shauka said he gave his boss’s phone number to the New South Wales Department of Health because his English is not very good.

“Of course, I feel bad, I feel bad for what I have done [have] It’s done, but it’s not my fault…” Xiaoka said.

Roni Shawka (L) and Ramsin (R)

Police said the people were movers who traveled from West Hoxton to Figuetree and then to Molong, stopping in remote areas such as South Bowenfels and Orange along the way.

Allegedly, three of the men went to Molong after being told they had tested positive for COVID-19.

The police escorted all the men and their vehicles back to Greater Sydney, where they were required to quarantine for 14 days.

The three younger men received notice to appear in court for failing to comply with section 7/8/9-COVID-19 notification instructions.

The Minister of Police and Emergency Services David Elliott is disturbed by this serious violation of the public health order.

Mr. Elliott said: “So far, this indiscretion has put our regional communities in New South Wales at the greatest risk of this pandemic.”

“We know that the delta variant is highly contagious, and it is incredible that with all public information and health warnings, people can so blatantly ignore health orders.”

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