Dan Andrews: The Governor of Victoria is ready to resume work from a back injury

Dan Andrews’ wife, Catherine, posted a photo of the Governor of Victoria, who is preparing to return to work later this month.

Dan Andrews received a family haircut from his wife Catherine when he was about to return to work after a serious back injury.

The governor of Victoria slipped on wet stairs while on vacation on the Mornington Peninsula, causing rib fractures and a T7 vertebra fracture. He has been on vacation since March 9 this year.

On Saturday night, his wife Catherine posted a photo on social media showing her haircut for the prime minister at her home in Mulgrave, east Melbourne.

“Let’s talk about tools again. Practice makes perfect. I like this. Every day I get better,” Ms. Andrews wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Mr. Andrews himself tweeted that he expected to return to work later in June.

He said that next week he will conduct more scans and meet with his medical team as he prepares to resume Victoria’s top job.

Mr. Andrews said: “I will let you know what the situation is and the exact time I will be back on deck later this month.”

He also stated that he was grateful for the leadership of Acting Governor James Merlino during his recovery.

Mr. Andrews, 48, was discharged from the hospital on March 15 and has been recovering at home since then.

Due to his injury, Mr. Andrews spent some time at the Alfred Trauma Center.

“The good news is that my team of experts believes that I will be back in June,” the governor said in April.

“You only have one chance to recover from a serious injury. Although leaving work is frustrating, you have no choice.”

As Melbourne enters the second week of the fourth strict coronavirus lockdown, the lockdown will end at 11.59pm on June 10.

When trapped at home on Wednesday, the governor urged Victorians to “keep fighting” and was proud of what they have achieved and what the state has achieved.

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