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Danish players and legends have made shocking accusations about what happened after Christian Eriksson’s terrible collapse.

Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and forward Martin Braithwaite lamented that they had to choose whether to restart the Denmark-Finland Euro 2020 game, and they were moving from the midfield of Christian Eriksson. Struggling in the crash.

Schmeichel told the Danish media at a press conference in Helsingor, north of Copenhagen: “We are placed in a position, and I personally think we should not be placed in it.”

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“We have two choices: either come back at noon the day after tomorrow or continue the game.”

The Leicester City goalkeeper said he hopes someone more senior will say “this is not the time to make this decision, we should probably wait until the day after tomorrow to make a decision”.

“What happened has already happened and I hope they can learn from it,” said Schmeichel, who praised the medical staff who he considered to be the real “heroes” of the game.

Barcelona forward Martin Braithwaite stated that the players “want a third option because we don’t want to participate in the game”, noting that the decision to resume the game “is not a wish”.

“This is one of our only possibilities, we were told that a decision should be made,” Braithwaite said.

At the same time, Schmeichel’s father-the legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter-claimed that if the players do not return to the court, UEFA threatened Denmark to confiscate it 3-0.

“I actually saw UEFA official quotes saying that they followed the players’ advice-the players insisted on playing. I know this is not true,” he told the TV show Good morning uk.

“Or, this is how you see the truth.

“They only have three options left. One is to play immediately and play the last 50 minutes. The next one is to come in at 12 noon (the day after tomorrow) and finish 50 minutes. The third option is to abandon the game and lose the game 3-0. .

“So, do it yourself. Do the players want to play? Do they really have a choice? I think they don’t.”

In a statement responding to the allegations, UEFA stated that it “treats this matter with the utmost respect for sensitive situations and players.”

UEFA added: “Only after the two teams have requested to complete the game on the same night, they decided to restart the game.”

“The need for players to rest for 48 hours between matches eliminates other options.”

The Danish player’s comment is the first time since then Erickson’s dramatic collapse and cardiac arrest On Sunday (AEST) against Finland, his teammates have already spoken to the media.

Eriksson’s condition is still “stable” and “good”The communications director of the Danish Football League, Jacob Hoyer, said, adding that the player is still receiving treatment in the hospital.

On Monday, the players were able to talk to Eriksson via video calls, and Caspar Schmeichel also visited him in the hospital.

“He said in his own way that we should look forward to Thursday’s game (against Belgium). It means a lot,” midfielder Pierre Emile Hoybjerg missed a point in the game against Finland after the restart. Ball, he told the Danish media.

The Danish team doctor confirmed on Monday Erickson Cardiac Arrest.

“He’s gone, we did a cardiac resuscitation,” Dr. Mortenbosen said at a press conference. “How close are we? I don’t know. We got him back after a defibrillation (defibrillation), so it’s fast.”

Martin Schutz, Eriksson’s agent, said Eriksson was inspired by “all the love around him.” “The news from all over the world has come,” he said. “He was particularly moved by Inter Milan (Milan), not only his teammates, but also the fans.

“Half of the people on the planet have been in contact with us, and everyone is worried.

“Now, he must take a break. His wife and parents are by his side.”

Schoots said the players will be under observation in the hospital until at least Tuesday.

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