Covid updates, exposure locations and restrictions in Victoria

Attention turned to the three Sydney migrants who triggered the Melbourne coronavirus outbreak. After they were told they were close contacts of the confirmed case, they traveled across South Australia and Victoria.

According to reports, they also did not wear masks at work and were criticized for lack of transparency in their dealings with health authorities.

The Victorian Coronavirus Response Commander, Jeroen Weimar, spoke on the matter this week, saying that “the wheels of justice will catch them.”

“I am referring this matter to our law enforcement agencies and other interstate jurisdictions so they can deal with it appropriately. I am not a judge, jury, or executioner,” he told reporters.

“The Wheel of Justice will reach them when they need it.”

When he made his comments, the Victoria Police confirmed that they had joined the investigation of the relocation.

Victoria’s Coronavirus Response Commander Jeroen Weimar (Jeroen Weimar) spoke on the matter this week.

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