Covid UK live broadcast: Labour MPs ordered to leave the House of Commons for saying that Boris Johnson lied “over and over”

Latest update: Dawn Butler Ordered to leave the House of Commons After refusing to withdraw Boris Johnson’s accusation of “liing to the state”

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According to NHS data, after recording the deaths of 22 people diagnosed with the new crown virus in the past 24 hours, Scotland set the highest daily number of new crown virus deaths since March.

This brings the number of deaths within 28 days of Covid testing positive to 7,842. The latest death toll comes after the number of detected infections has continued to decline: 1,825 people have tested positive in the past 24 hours.

1/ Cases continue to decline (today’s enthusiasm drops to 6%)-Help everyone who achieves this goal. However, there will always be a lag before we see the number of hospitalizations and deaths also decrease.Another 22 deaths remind us of the possible damage the virus can cause-I express my condolences to those who are sad

4.56pm BST

Northern IrelandThe government has postponed its decision to relax Covid-19 rules until next week, when ministers will be able to review the new health data.

Stormont executives are expected today to approve the reopening of theaters and concert halls on July 26 and maintain social distancing, but the decision was postponed, making the region more cautious than the rest of the UK.

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