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The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach urged the Japanese public to welcome the Olympics at the opening on July 23 and insisted that they will still be “safe and secure” despite the positive test for the new crown virus in the athlete’s village.

Bach acknowledged the widespread skepticism in Japan, but said that more than 15,000 people have arrived at the Olympics and 15 of them have tested positive. He also said that the Olympics will be the most restrictive sporting event in the world, thus limiting the possibility of widespread infection.

Toshiro Muto, chief executive of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, confirmed today that a foreign tourist who participated in organizing the Olympics has tested positive. He declined to disclose the nationality of this person, citing privacy concerns, but said they have been quarantined for 14 days.

This case is a concern of the organizers and the International Olympic Committee. They promised that the village will become the “safest place” in Tokyo, but Bach said that it is important to look at the big picture. At the first IOC press conference for these Olympics, he said that the positive test rate was “very low, only 0.1%.”

“Needless to say, all people were immediately quarantined. They did not [present] Any risk to the Japanese people,” he added.

After the return of the new coronavirus infection, the Japanese public has been enthusiastic about the Olympics and worried that the influx of foreign tourists may help turn it into a super-spreader event, which in turn may give the country its own The stretched medical system brings further pressure.

But Bach said: “We are very aware of Japan’s skepticism. My appeal to the Japanese people is to welcome these athletes here to participate in the competition of their lives, and admit that it is at any cost.

“They have the same interests as the Japanese people in ensuring the safety and security of these Olympics. For this reason, they accept and even welcome measures to make these Olympics the most restricted sporting event not only in Japan but in the entire world.

“What makes the Olympics so historic is that it proves that they can be held in a safe and reliable manner even in the context of this pandemic.”

Since arriving in Japan to participate in the Olympics, at least five athletes have tested positive for Covid-19, and the Refugee Olympic team was forced to postpone going to Tokyo after one of its delegations tested positive.

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