Covid-19 NT: After the virus was found in sewage, 11 suburbs in Darwin are on high alert

A shocking virus discovery put 11 suburbs in the capital of a jurisdiction on high alert, while there are only 8 active Covid-19 cases in that jurisdiction.

After Covid-19 debris was detected in the sewage, an emergency alert was issued in 11 suburbs of Darwin.

The health authorities of the Northern Territory issued a warning on Friday night after samples collected from the Ludmilla processing plant returned positive signs on July 14.

Catchment areas include Bayview Suburbs, Karen Bay, Darwin, Darwin Waterfront, Dinah Beach, Fannie Bay, Ludmila, Parap, Tipperary Waters, Wennery and Woolner

According to NT Health, the Centers for Disease Control confirmed that people who were recently quarantined at the Howard Springs facility lived in the catchment area and “may” spread the virus after they recovered.

They said in a statement: “These people are not contagious and pose no risk to the community.”

“Further testing will be conducted on wastewater throughout the Darwin and Ludmilla basins to monitor the situation.”

Anyone with mild Covid-19 symptoms, including cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, changes in taste or smell, and sore throat, are required to be tested immediately.

Residents are also reminded to check in wherever they go.

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