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An article about seven teenage boys in several states in the United States, published online today in Pediatrics, Is one of the latest reports of heart inflammation found after Covid-19 vaccination, although the link with the vaccine has not been confirmed.

These 14 to 19-year-old boys received Pfizer injections in April or May and developed chest pain within a few days. Heart imaging tests show a type of inflammation of the heart muscle called myocarditis.

No one is critically ill. The report’s co-author, Dr. Preeti Jaggi, an infectious disease expert at Emory University, said that everyone is healthy enough to be sent home after two to six days of hospitalization and is “well.” She said that more follow-up is needed to determine the fare for seven people, but the heart change is likely to be temporary.

Only one in seven boys Pediatrics The report has evidence that may have been infected with Covid-19 before, and doctors have determined that none of them have rare inflammation related to the coronavirus. These cases echo the reports of young men diagnosed in Israel after receiving Pfizer injections.

“I think we are in a waiting period and we need to see if this is causal,” said John Grabenstein of the Immunization Action Coalition, who was the head of the Defense Department’s immunization program.

This Pediatrics The editorial said that cases of heart inflammation need more investigation, but added: “The benefits of vaccination against this deadly and highly contagious disease clearly far outweigh any potential risks.”

Editing co-author, Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, Chairman of the Infectious Diseases Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics, participated in Pfizer vaccine research, including a Covid-19 vaccine study for children.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminded doctors last month that it is monitoring a small number of reports of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults after mRNA vaccines (vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna).

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