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In many ways, it is implied that infection does not matter.

So if the Minister of Health can say’we will have 100,000 cases a day, that’s okay, we are still continuing our policy’, and when you see places reopening, it does start sending infections that are irrelevant.

In fact, there is some evidence that young people are starting to say,’Well, if the vaccine is not important, why should I get the vaccine, and if the infection is not important, why should I take steps to avoid it? “.

I think the transmission of information from the government is also very important-it needs to be consistent, it needs to be clear.

Not only is the epidemic still present, something needs to be done. This is not only a question of personal responsibility, but also a question of social responsibility-doing things for others and doing things for the community so that the entire community can be safely reopened.

I think that information transmission and actual support are the key things that the government needs to participate in.

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