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The epidemics elsewhere have hardly subsided. In many places outside the West, the emergence of more virulent variants and the slowness of vaccination efforts have led to a deadly new wave. coronavirus The number of global cases in 2021 is already higher than in 2020.

Southeast Asia was once a bastion in the fight against the virus, and now the number of infected people is increasing sharply. In the past month, cases in Thailand and Vietnam have increased dramatically. Malaysia now has more new infections registered per million people than any medium or large country in Asia, and more than India.

In Africa, there is growing concern that a new wave driven by a more easily spreading virus variant may arrive, and the health systems of many countries may soon be overwhelmed by a surge in infections. A recent study found that due to limited intensive care facilities and storage of important medical supplies such as oxygen, the mortality rate of critically ill patients with COVID-19 on the African continent is the highest in the world.

In parts of Latin America, the virus is raging and has largely continued unabated. According to adjusted data by its government, Peru’s per capita covid-19 death rate is now the worst in the world.

Even in East Asia, where a few countries set the gold standard for preventing community transmission, the virus is spreading. In the past month, Taiwan’s cases have surged. In Japan, which is still planning to host the Summer Olympics, many areas, including Tokyo, are still in a state of emergency.


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