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Riot police fired tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators who blocked the entrance to the Slovak Parliament today because lawmakers are debating legislation that can prevent unvaccinated people from entering public events and places.

Some protesters chanted “treason”, one of them held up a banner announcing that “stop corona fascism” would establish a two-tiered society draft law, while others reportedly sent a message to the capital Bratislava. The building throws eggs.

Some opposition parties openly opposed vaccination, including former prime minister Robert Fico (Robert Fico), who had stated that he would not be vaccinated.

Sme Rodina, the party of Parliamentary Speaker Boris Kollár, is reportedly opposed to dividing the crowd based on vaccination. He reportedly described the situation outside the legislature as a “fatal failure” of the police because of the protest No barriers were set up before.

“Obviously, those people are fighting with something. This doesn’t mean we should beat them with truncheons, or spray them with water cannons or tear gas,” Corral said, according to local media reports.

According to reports, the government has proposed to use a version of the EU’s digital Covid Pass in the country so that vaccinated people can use it as an alternative to PCR test negative when entering certain places (including restaurants), while those who have not been vaccinated Will be denied entry.

According to reports, Prime Minister Edward Hegel said that the public’s right to express opinions is part of democracy, but he called for calm

As TASR quoted, he said: “I understand that people are tired of the pandemic and no one likes these measures.” “But we use them to protect the lives of everyone in Slovakia, including the protesters.”

Slovak media quoted Parliament Speaker Boris Corral as saying that a female police officer was slightly injured. According to Reuters, the protests continued peacefully and eventually weakened after police intervention.

This EU member state with a population of 5.5 million has been working hard to get people vaccinated against Covid-19. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, as of yesterday, only 34.9% of the population had been vaccinated. This is one of the countries with the lowest per capita vaccination rate in the European Union.

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