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So far, EU countries have only donated a small amount of excess Covid-19 vaccines to poor countries, most of which are unpopular AstraZeneca vaccines, less than 3% of the total 160 million doses they plan to donate. To help tame the global pandemic, an EU document shows.

According to Reuters, the European Union has pledged to help the most vulnerable people in the world vaccinate, but like other rich countries, EU countries have so far focused on purchasing vaccines to vaccinate their citizens, leading to shortages of vaccines elsewhere.

EU countries with a population of 365 million adults have so far received about 500 million doses of drugs from pharmaceutical manufacturers, and are expected to reach nearly 1 billion doses by the end of September.

However, internal documents prepared by the European Commission and reviewed by Reuters show that as of July 13, they have donated less than 4 million photos.

In general, it stated that EU countries have pledged to share about 160 million doses of vaccines, and most have no preference for destinations. Shipments and total commitments have not been reported before.

Brussels has previously stated that EU countries plan to donate at least 100 million doses of vaccine by the end of the year. There is no timetable for the goals listed in the document.

As member states seek to strengthen relations with nearby countries and deepen diplomatic relations, the jabs distributed so far have been mainly used in countries and regions with connections to donors. Small shipments may trigger a debate about how rich countries share their remaining vaccines while poor countries are still struggling to obtain supplies.

EU documents show that most doses will pass Covax planAccording to Reuters, many poor countries rely on Covax for vaccines, but so far, it has provided only 135 million vaccines globally and is highly dependent on donated doses. Due to production problems of vaccine manufacturers and export restrictions in some countries, plans to purchase vaccines on their own are temporarily derailed.

The European Union has been vaccinated enough to fully vaccinate 70% of adults, while South Africa only vaccinated 7% of its adult population with one dose, while Nigeria only vaccinated 1%.

The use of AstraZeneca vaccines in many EU countries and Johnson & Johnson Because of worry Extremely rare blood clotting, Reduce the ability to use them.

In terms of commitments, France is the EU’s main donor. It has promised to provide 60 million doses, mainly to Covax, and basically has no preference for the final destination. However, the document shows that it has provided only about 800,000 doses of vaccine to date, half of which have been sent to its former colonies of Senegal, Mauritania and Burkina Faso.

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