China urges the United States to stop “politicizing” the origin of COVID-19 and let scientists lead the investigation


A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the United States has called on intelligence agencies to take action to “politicize” the origin of COVID-19, which “seriously undermines” any progress. Wang Wenbin said: “These actions by the United States to politicize origin research have severely disrupted and undermined normal international cooperation in origin research.” “It has created difficulties and obstacles for the country’s efforts to fight the virus and save lives.” China’s mouthpiece urged. The United States should not call on intelligence agencies to intervene, but let scientists lead the investigation of the origin. “We represent scientists-origin research led by solidarity and cooperation, not intelligence-led investigations that trigger confrontations and sow differences,” the statement read. “This process should not be determined by the will of any country.”


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