Canberra Raiders vs. Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks live score: NRL’s eight-point attempt decision at Cbus Super Stadium

On Saturday night, the Canberra Raiders and Cronulla Sharks were locked at halftime, thanks to a controversial call early in the work.

The NRL’s blow to high contact has caused disagreements among bettors this season, but most people agree on one thing-game officials have been working hard to enforce the league’s new penalties.

After a particularly controversial call made during Saturday’s conflict between the Sharks and the Raiders, commentators were puzzled.

When Raiders forward Corey Haravela-Naila unloaded a few centimeters from the Sharks with one hand, his teammate quickly passed the ball to the prolific attempt scorer Jordan Rapana. , The latter made the first four-pointer in the game.

The attempt was rewarded on the court before the bunker intervened and considered that Brayden Trindall’s faulty hand constituted a high tackle.

“In the process of trying to score, Braden Trindell hit Jordan Rapana,” Bunker official Henry Perenara said.

If a foul is deemed to have occurred during an attempt to score, the referee may choose to reward the scoring team with an additional shot and give one side an “eight-point attempt.”

This is exactly what happened on Saturday night, but not everyone believes it deserves two more points.

“I don’t know what Bradent Lindel should do,” said Steve Roach of the Fox League.

“Rapana crossed the line. He is trying to tackle. I know he is playing high, but what else can he do? He can’t disappear.”

Andrew Worth added: “It was accidental. He (Rapana) didn’t even notice. They said you excited him-where? Rapana did not flinch. We are sure we have a high shovel there. The ball? Are we sure this is a high tackle and report?

“Your favorite motto Blocker,’Will it knock a maggot off the seal?'”

Gordon Tallis couldn’t believe what he saw.

“He can’t disappear, slow motion looks a bit bad, but please, this is a contact sport,” he said.

Voss added: “It’s so ridiculous that Jordan Rapana didn’t even notice that he was hit. He just clenched his fist and stood up directly. He was hit by a wet.”

For the Raiders, there was no fading out in the second half this time. They succeeded from the controversial eight-point attempt and the brutal performance of a rookie young guard to beat the Sharks 34-18.

Xavier Savage. After the exciting 19-year-old Raider defeated Cronulla with speed and courage, the rugby league world will hear the name often. Despite a shoulder injury in the race, Savage ran more than 200m and won Canberra back-to-back for the first time this season, and achieved a brilliant performance by trying to win the race.

The Sharks were listless early on, but center Jesse Lamian was an exception, he had a fierce attack on the inside. Sione Katoa passed quickly. In the process, he accidentally grabbed Jack Wrighton’s chest with the heel of his boots. This brought the New South Wales star to the attention at the end of halftime and the score was locked at 12. level.

Although Canberra occupies almost every aspect of the game, Savage illuminated the stadium with a lightning burst before Connor Tracy downed Ronaldo Mulitalo to give the Sharks an 18-16 lead. Let Wrighton score.

Hudson Young sprinted to give the Raiders the lead, and then Savage used the game sealer to cover the men presenting the game.

Do not fade

The Raiders made their first attempts in 9 of the previous 11 games, but only won 3 of them. In the process, they won the Canberra “fader” label after multiple implosions in the second half. They won first place again in Robina, but this time they did not give up. Now they are ranked ninth on the ladder and share 16 points with the eighth-ranked Cronulla. They have a difficult draw under the lead, but they have given themselves a chance to participate in the final football.

Woods’ Whirlwind Week

For Sharks captain Aaron Woods, this has been a great week. It has everything…aircraft, training, cars and babies. On Wednesday, after he and his wife Sarah ushered in the birth of a baby girl, the veteran took a chartered flight to meet with his Cronulla teammates at the Gold Coast camp to emphasize the sacrifices the players are prepared to make for their club . Keep the game going during the most challenging moments. Unfortunately, he failed to celebrate with a victory.

Barbaric predator

Savage name and nature. Savage is the star of the future. He burned four sharks at a very fast rate at the beginning of the second half and prepared an attempt for Wrighton, which explains why. Every time he gets the ball, it’s dangerous. Savage has explosive speed and confidence. He will make Raiders fans hope that being late to the Finals becomes a reality. The outstanding aspect of his performance is that he played under duress for most of the second half.

Creative Corey

The Raiders did not die because of their hopes for the finals, leading the Sharks 14-1 at halftime. Back rower Corey Harawira-Naera had four, one of them led to a Rapana attempt and the other led to a line change. He remained angry in the second half. This is the best game of the season for the former Bulldog.

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