Brisbane sellers pack their bags on Wednesday and set off on Thursday to rush to the coast frantically

As auctioneer Justin Nickerson was watching, the bidder was calculating her next move.Picture: Debra Bella

A man in Brisbane sold two houses for a total of US$2.177 million within 15 hours in order to obtain funds to buy a house on the Sunshine Coast. All three properties will settle on the same day.

House at 15 Brimbapari Street.

“What will go wrong?” Chris Hall asked from the kitchen of his home in Bulimba for 28 years, and went to the auction yesterday.

When the auction is in the backyard, the seller stays upstairs.

The former IT analyst retired before Covid and has been searching the Coolum real estate market with his partner Anne Stewart since December. “The competition there is very fierce,” Mr. Hall said. “Things will go live on Thursday, there will be an open house on Saturday, and then all bids will disappear on Tuesday and Wednesday. This has happened to us several times. We didn’t even go up in time to see.”

A call from camping in Mapleton on Sunday night ended the property search, when their offer for a near-new Coolum property for more than $1.7 million was accepted.

But they started scrambling to sell their house at 15 Brimbapari Street and their investment property at 55 Elwell Street in the morning to pay for the relocation.

On Monday, they called Tony O’Doherty, the principal of Belle Property Bulimba. They returned to Brimba’s home on Tuesday. Wednesday is the day to pack up. The moving car came on Thursday morning, and the stylist came with their own furniture on Thursday.

The photographer came on Friday and will be on the market next Monday.

The property has been staged for sale.

“Oh, we still have something. Look at the garage when we go out,” Mr. Hall said.

On Friday night, Apollo Auctions director Justin Nixon had nine bidders bidding for 55 Elwell St in the morning frontier at an auction price of $867,000. On Saturday, six bidders stood in the backyard of 15 Parry Street, Bulimba.

“It’s about aligning the planets,” Ms. Stewart said.

The backyard at 15 Brimbapali Street.

In the backyard of Bulimba, two women recognized each other during the preparatory course at the nearby St Peter and Pauls Catholic School. “We should talk seriously,” said bidder No. 3.

She drew a line on the notebook with the final bid of 1.308 million US dollars, and another mother took out another 2,000 US dollars to buy the house for 1.31 million US dollars on behalf of her friend. “I’m glad you didn’t buy it for yourself,” said the underbid person. “I will feel bad and keep increasing like that.”

This auction is one of more than 80 auctions held yesterday in Greater Brisbane.

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