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A full-page ad for the Black History of America Today Special Edition showcases the technological color vision of modern Tulsa, which includes shiny images of the park and colorful murals, celebrating the local black community under the banner headline: “Tulsa’s Victory” .

“Tulsa is leading the journey of race healing in the United States,” the text said, inviting tourists from all over the United States to taste the fun of Oklahoma’s second largest city. The temptations include “emotional opportunities for learning and reflection” and “space for reconciliation… Tulsa is victorious, and you can be part of this pilgrimage.”

advertising This is a brazen attempt to turn Tulsa into a tourist attraction with the grim distinction of being one of the most absurd mass lynchings in American history. This is the work of the Tulsa Genocide Centennial Committee, body Composed of famous state and city politicians and other local celebrities, they put together the 100th anniversary of the city.

On May 31, 1921, the white Tursan Become crazy, Shooting any black people in sight, throwing incendiary devices into their homes from the air, and burning down one of the most prosperous black business districts in the country, known as “Black Wall Street.”Approximately 35 black real estate blocks in the Greenwood community were destroy.

At least 300 men, women and children were murdered.For more than 24 hours, Tulsa witnessed what was believed to be Worst single event White supremacist violence against African Americans in American history.

From the terrorist incident on May 31, 1921 to the “Victory” on May 31, 2021-it has brought a powerful attraction to tourists. The only obstacle to this depiction of Tulsa’s resurrection from the ashes is that it has nothing to do with reality from the perspective of black survivors and many descendants of the Holocaust.


Biden will visit Tulsa to commemorate the anniversary of the genocide


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