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Capito briefs the other five Senate Republicans In her negotiating team– John Barasso (Wyoming), Roy Blunt (month), Mike Crabo (Idaho), Pat Toumi (Pa.) and Roger Wick (Miss)-Wednesday night. According to three familiar people, Biden hopes to get $1 trillion in new expenditures and insists on raising corporate taxes as part of the payment. …

To say the least, Republicans are not happy. They publicly stated that Biden told them at a meeting in the Oval Office just a few weeks ago that baseline spending—that is, the money that will be spent under current policies—can be included in the total. In their latest $928 billion infrastructure proposal, they only proposed $257 billion in new spending, while the White House’s last figure was $1.7 trillion.

The Republicans are considering another counter-offer that may come as early as Friday, when Capito will talk to Biden again, this time possibly by phone. It is unclear what this will look like-even whether Republicans will propose new proposals. In the conference call on Wednesday night, no final decision was made on another proposal, especially because some Republicans in the organization began to feel discouraged.


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