Australia’s new racing team chairman John Messara (John Messara) will promote peace between the Victoria Racing Team and the New South Wales Racing Team


New Racing Australia chairman John Messara believes he can end the quarrel between the Victorian and New South Wales authorities.

Can a new member of the Australian Motorsports Hall of Fame be the one who ends the racing civil war between Victoria and New South Wales?

Racing Victoria hopes that John Messara can be the one who finds a way forward in the battle with Racing NSW.

In recent years, Australia’s two largest horse racing jurisdictions have been divided on various issues, including the invasion of the Spring Carnival in New South Wales and Victoria’s anti-whipping stance.

Racing Victoria and Racing NSW have openly debated their differences, and Racing Australia has been a bystander on these issues. Both countries have the right to veto each other’s ideas.

John Messara, the owner of Arrowfield Stud, returned to the game to end the war.

Messara succeeded Greg Nichols, whose term ended in April.

Mesala was inducted into the Hall of Fame as an assistant earlier this month and has been appointed as the independent chairman of the Australian racing team.

Brian Kruger, Chairman of Racing Victoria, welcomed Messara back to Racing Australia.

Kruger said: “This is an appointment we are advocating that will allow the Australian racing team to restore its national leadership on key issues such as racing rules and Australian racing models.

“Victoria Racing Team looks forward to working with John to advance some of the important issues currently on the Australian Racing Team’s agenda.”

Messara served as Chairman of Racing NSW from 2011 to 2016 and Chairman of Racing Australia from 2014 to 2016. He returned to Racing Australia as a non-voting independent chairman.

Messara said that Racing Victoria and Racing NSW can find a way to collaborate to improve the sport.

“Unless I believe that both parties feel they want to get results out of it, I will not accept this job,” Mesala told RSN.

“I look forward to the challenge. This may be one of the biggest challenges I have to take on. I am dealing with powerful people from both sides and strong jurisdictions.”

Although Messara worked closely with Sydney horse racing boss Peter V’landys during Racing NSW, he said that the health of Australian horse racing is his only focus.

“I don’t represent anyone outside of Australian racing,” he said.

“I am interested in ensuring that it continues to move forward, and I think to achieve this, we have to agree on the boards of directors between different jurisdictions, so I hope to be a mediator.

Messara will chair his first Australian Motorsports Committee meeting in mid-July.


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