As the state government responded to the Covid outbreak, Melbourne’s lockdown was extended


Victorian authorities have warned that if the virus is allowed to wreak havoc, the most vulnerable people in the state will die.

Victorian health authorities stated that the state’s highly contagious Covid epidemic would “explode” if left unchecked.

On Wednesday, in addressing the state’s crisis, Acting Governor James Merlino stated that the state must spread the virus underground.

“If we let this happen, it will explode,” he said.

“We have to push it to the ground because if we don’t, people will die.

“If this happens, it will be our most vulnerable people-our parents, grandparents, Victorians with underlying diseases or impaired immunity, and it will be the Victorians who will pay the price for this.”

Melbourne has been locked down for an additional 7 days and restrictions have changed slightly.

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