Arizona Secretary of State told Trump before the election lie rally: Overcome it Arizona

The Secretary of State of Arizona has a message Donald Trump Before he appeared in Phoenix on Saturday: “Accept your loss and accept it and move on.”

Trump will speak at an event Organized Operation Turning Point, a conservative group, and called it the “Rally to Save Our Election!”

Republicans in Arizona’s most populous county continued to conduct controversial audits of votes in an attempt to prove Trump’s claim that his loss to Joe Biden in the state and across the country was due to widespread voter fraud. It’s not.

Democrat Katie Hobbs (Katie Hobbs) Interviewed by CNN on Friday. When asked what she wanted to tell Trump, she said: “Well, I mean, like most adults, accept your loss and accept it and move on… it happened here. Nothing at all will change the outcome, and, really, it’s nothing more than just a painful loser.”

Hobbs also stated that Trump’s appearance—just like local Republican officials, public officials, and congressional candidates lining up to speak at Saturday’s event in support of his lies—is dangerous.

“The most important thing is that it doesn’t matter what he says or does,” she said. “Nothing will change the outcome of the 2020 election. But it will not change how dangerous it is.”

Trump’s lies about election fraud triggered the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington on January 6 this year. He retained power in the Republican Party, which tried to obstruct the investigation of the attack behind him.

“The most important thing is that Arizonans are tired of being led by conspiracy theorists,” Hobbes said. “They do not support such false audits. They are ready to welcome leaders who put those partisan games aside and deal with practical issues.”

Hobbs hopes to become governor of Arizona. The midterm elections will also see a key seat in the Arizona Senate once again contested. Mark KellyThe former astronaut and famous gun control reform activist won Biden’s seat last year. But that is to complete a term, and he must run again to ensure that he has a full six years on the seat.

On Friday, the former president blasted “Rinos,” a “nominal Republican” who he thought was not loyal enough.A republican party Arizona The state senator provided a succinct answer.

“If he hadn’t launched a rebellion in Washington and got kicked here,” Paul Boyer Wrote on Twitter, “I could have responded directly to him. So that’s it.”

trump card Say His remarks will be broadcast by networks including Newsmax and One America News, these upstart right-wing actions attempting to challenge Fox News on the rights of the political spectrum.

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