Amanda Rose: When to ask about the salary of a job

This may be an embarrassing topic, but job seekers should not shy away from asking about the salary of the position.

Job seekers need to talk about money more comfortably.

If you are applying for a job, please confidently ask about the salary range and share what you deserve.

If a potential employer says “no” to the number you proposed, please negotiate easily.

Besides money, what else is on the table?

There are many job advertisements that do not list salary or only list a range.

It’s like the real estate market, they will tell you the approximate amount, and then say “you haven’t reached the target, so we will give you less”.

It happened to me.

If they don’t mention money in the job advertisement, pick up the phone and ask.

Before the first interview, ask what the scope is.

If this is not the ratio you want, why do you spend five hours preparing and going to the interview?

If the employer looks down on you because you do this, they will pay you a terrible salary anyway, so you escaped.

They want to attract people to join, and may make you enthusiastic about a role, and then may make you spend less money to cross the line.

They say “We want you to apply because you love this job”, but, do you know? People also like to pay rent.

I think we should know the salary in advance, at least there is a range.

Women in particular need to have enough confidence to make demands and then insist on their position.

Ask, then don’t give in.

And don’t apologize for asking.

Women are more likely to struggle with this because they usually don’t like conflict and don’t want to be laughed at.

They don’t want to be rejected.

They don’t like being uncomfortable.

But they must adapt to the discomfort.

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