After the lockdown is over, Melbourne’s restrictions will continue to exist


As Melburnians prepare for another 7 days of lockdown, it has been revealed that strict restrictions may continue for several weeks.

Yesterday, the Victorian government announced that the state’s “circuit breaker” blockade would Stay in Melbourne for another week To contain the growing Covid-19 outbreak.

The announcement came after six new local cases of coronavirus were confirmed on Wednesday, bringing the total number of clusters in the state to 60.

Now Melbourne residents have been warned that even if the lockdown is lifted next week, the city will still be forced to endure strict restrictions for several weeks until the epidemic is fully controlled.

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Government sources toldHerald sun“There will be no rebound” after the lockdown, claiming that the restrictions will continue in some form until Victoria has recorded zero cases for a few days.

A source said that it is “very unlikely” to achieve zero cases for a few days before the lockdown will end on Thursday, June 10.

Therefore, although the five reasons for leaving home may be cancelled, it can be around wearing masks, strict restrictions on the capacity of businesses and places, restrictions on the number of guests attending weddings and funerals, and restrictions on family and public gatherings.

“People Will Die”: Serious Reasons for Extending the Lockout Period

Acting Governor James Melino issued a stern warning to Victorians At a press conference on Wednesday, he said that if the virus continues to develop, the infection will “explode.”

He said that if this happens, the government will “have no choice” but to extend the blockade.

“If we don’t do this, this matter will disappear. This worry will become uncontrollable and people will die. No one wants to repeat the mistakes of last winter,” Mr. Melino said.

Yesterday’s announcement means that starting at 11:59pm on Thursday, June 3, Melbourne residents still have only five reasons to leave home, including buying food and supplies, authorized work and study, nursing and nursing, exercise and vaccinations vaccine.

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The travel radius for sports and shopping will be expanded to 10 kilometers. Students in grades 11 and 12 can also resume face-to-face learning from June 4 (Friday), including students in other grades who are studying Unit 3/4 VCE subjects.

Many outdoor jobs will also be added to the list of authorized jobs, including landscaping, installing solar panels or letter boxes, etc. The restrictions on wearing masks will remain unchanged.

Mr. Merlino said that even after the 7-day extension, people with long weekend plans are unlikely to spend the Queen’s birthday holiday outside of Melbourne. Some restrictions may be implemented in some form until after the long weekend of June 12-14.

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“In another seven days, we do hope that Melbourne’s restrictions can be relaxed cautiously. But compared with Victoria, Melbourne’s environment will continue to be different,” he continued.

“I want to be honest with people. Even if everything goes well, during the Queen’s birthday long weekend, we will not be able to allow Melburnians to travel to remote parts of Victoria.”

Victoria will work with the government to get rid of the blockade extension It is recommended to relax the restrictions starting at 11:59 tonight.

Some of the major changes include the removal of reasons for leaving home and travel radius restrictions, the reopening of reception areas for seating services, the reopening of schools, and the increase of the public gathering limit to 10 people.

The amazing way the virus spreads

The high spread of the kappa variant currently circulating in Victoria has been highlighted by officials as the main cause of concern.

This strain was first discovered in India and has since spread to more than 40 countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) identified it as a “variant of concern” because it seems to be more infectious than other strains.

The highly contagious nature of this strain means that the authorities are now seeing the virus spread in a way that was not available before, and there is evidence that the virus spreads between strangers in just a few seconds of contact.

At least one-tenth of active cases in the state are infected with the virus from a stranger.

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“What we are seeing now is something else-something more serious,” Mr. Melino said.

“People are brushing each other’s teeth in a small shop. Get takeaway coffee from the same cafe. In the same place, at the same time, just a moment. Just walking by someone you’ve never seen before means that the virus is moving To a whole new network.”

On Wednesday, Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton revealed that they had found a case A place where a person is infected in an indoor enclosed space “Two hours after the infectious case leaves.”

“This belongs to the infectious category of measles. It may be related to an unventilated environment. Someone spent a lot of time, but only came in two hours later and became infected. It may be on the surface, but due to the indoor environment, it can definitely pass through the air. Spread,” he said.

“This variant is not the most contagious, but it is more contagious than anything we saw in early and mid-2020, so we have to keep this in mind,” he said.


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