After refusing to enter the Hall of Fame, the Sydney Swans teammates declared Adam Goodes to be a legend in the club

Adam Goodes may have rejected the offer to join the AFL Hall of Fame, but according to his teammates, he will always be the legend of the Sydney Swans.

Retired AFL champion Adam Goodes “formally became a legend” with the Sydney Swans, regardless of his decision to veto the proposal to join the League of Fame.

It was reported this week that the two-time Brownlow medalist said that there was no AFL when he was invited into the Hall of Fame earlier this year.

On Tuesday, the chairman of the AFL committee Richard Goyd admitted that the league has not done enough for Goodes, who withdrew from football due to racist treatment and is still out of touch with the game.

‘We hope that one day Adam will want to connect with the game again. This is just Adam and Adam’s decision. We understand and respect his choice,” Mr. Gold said.

But Goodes has been in contact with Swan, who introduced him to the club’s own Hall of Fame in 2019 and immediately promoted him to the status of “Legend”.

In the annual Marn Grook game in Sydney, his name appeared on the medals awarded to the best players on the ground, and he spoke at an event before the SCG game last month.

Former teammate Josh Kennedy stated that he is still in touch with Goodes, supporting his decision not to accept AFL honors, and praising him as a club legend, regardless of his position.

“On a personal level, as a club, we respect Adam’s decision,” Kennedy said on Wednesday.

“He is the legend of the game and the legend of his teammates. This is the most important thing. Over time, these things will resolve themselves.

“He has officially become a legend of the Swan Football Club. In our eyes, whether he is willing to accept it or not, he will become a member of the AFL.

“I can’t answer this question on behalf of Adam (if he can accept the AFL Hall of Fame invitation). I don’t know, this is not what I can say. But this has not changed anything in our eyes. He is an absolute champion.

“He will know that he holds an important place in our hearts and everyone who walks through this football club. I know that in my trade, he still has a huge connection with the football club and blood. I believe this will never change. .”

Kennedy is the best and fairest player in the club for three times. He will turn 33 this month. He has signed to play another year in 2022.

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