After Johnson and Sunak turned around in isolation, more and more questions about the pilot program | Health Policy

Boris Johnson’s plan to lift the remaining blockade restrictions in England was overshadowed by Sunday’s strong opposition to the Prime Minister and his Prime Minister, triggering a hasty U-turn and triggering an opposition to a pilot program designed to keep them from isolating Questioned.

Downing Street was accused of spreading chaos and feelings of “a rule for them” on the eve of the so-called “Freedom Day.” Johnson and Rich Sunak Will continue to carry out “necessary government business”, while carrying out daily quick tests.

They turned around less than three hours later, and a Whitehall source suggested that the Chancellor of the Exchequer pressured No. 10 to make concessions. The source said: “Sunak knows how this will affect the company, because their employees have been warned that these companies have to close.”

Johnson, Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid are in quarantine-it is estimated that more than 1 million people have been told to self-quarantine-because England has completed the final stage of reopening, the new infection rate in the UK has risen to Tallest in the world, Lagging behind Indonesia and Brazil.

The Prime Minister is facing increasing pressure to either control cases or change the quarantine rules. It is estimated that as many as 10 million people will be notified of quarantine by mid-August.

After Javid Test positive Regarding the virus on Saturday, Downing Street said that although Johnson and Sunak were tested and tracked by the NHS after their face-to-face meeting with Javid, they would not need to be quarantined for 10 days.

The backlash from the loss of loved ones and members of Congress, as well as the promise of social media users to delete their Covid-19 app in protest, prompted Downing Street to withdraw after 2 hours and 37 minutes.

There are more and more questions about the workplace pilot program, which allows certain government departments and other public agencies to avoid isolation after exposure to Covid because the transportation network said they were not involved.

A minister praised Transport for London’s involvement in the plan as evidence that “it applies not only to politicians”. Community Secretary Robert Jenric told Sky News: “The plan is a well-known and long-standing plan. It is not only for politicians if you want. Twenty organizations in the public sector are using it, including those like TfL. Large organizations and border forces operating a transport network in London.”

However, TfL said it has not yet participated in the pilot. “The government has stated that we can participate in a trial to replace the need for self-isolation through daily testing. We are still waiting for their official notification that we are part of this trial so that we can inform the union and make it effective. “A spokesperson said.

The RMT Transport Union warned against causing widespread chaos before reopening. RMT Secretary-General Miklinch said: “Last year, we consulted on a limited pilot of critical signal operations at specific locations. This has never developed into Network Rail, TfL, the broader rail sector, or a general agreement for transportation in general.

“The government’s claim that there is an agreed plan or system is completely untrue. The government has once again proved its incompetence against the completely false statements made today. The consequences of these actions will be serious.”

A source told the Guardian that border guard staff in Manchester and Dover have been given a pilot test plan, but health officials are reviewing the plan because few staff volunteered to participate. “It turns out that the plan is very unpopular because the employee who proposed the name must go to work for testing even on a rest day. So we expect it to close,” the source said.

A little further away Program details Despite a series of questions to Downing Street, it is still available on Sundays. It stated that it will publish the full list of participating organizations after recording the results. The plan is separate from a randomized controlled trial, allowing 40,000 participants to undergo rapid tests every day instead of quarantining.

In May, Minister of the Cabinet Office Michael Gove (Michael Gove) Benefit After traveling to Portugal to participate in the UEFA Champions League final, it was “detected” by the Covid-19 app and removed from the workplace pilot program. Sources said he has left the trial.

From August 16, if fully vaccinated people are contacted through NHS testing and tracing, they will be allowed to avoid isolation, but there are warnings that as cases soar, as many as 10 million people may be required to quarantine before this date. , This will affect hospitals, enterprises and council services.