After his face appeared on the cushion, Jeroen Weimar smiled “Poster Boy”

After his face appeared on a series of household items, another government figure was exposed as a “thirst trap.”

The Covid-19 commander in Victoria, Jeroen Weimar, laughed at the claim that his face appeared on a series of household items and became the state’s “poster boy”.

Mr. Weimar has been busy leading the response to the outbreak of the Delta strain brought from the virus-ridden Sydney, which has spread from Melbourne to Mildura.

On Sunday, he enjoyed a relaxing time at the state’s daily coronavirus press conference, when a reporter asked him if he realized his face was leaning against the mat: “How does it feel to be a poster boy?”

Mr. Weimar ignored the comments and joked that the cushion was carefully planned by a family member.

“Sorry, I think my mother arranged it,” he said.

He humbly turned his attention back to the health workers and residents of Victoria, who are doing their part to curb the virus.

“I want to be serious. Last night I came to a test site at about 6.30pm. It was cold, dark, and humid. A group of people had been there for 12 hours and did amazing work. , ” He says.

“The people at the testing station and the pathology and health services are working. They are the people we should talk about and praise.”

One Online website of Melbourne artist Ashley EllisThe creator of the cushion is selling a series of Jeroen Weimar accessories, including phone cases, T-shirts, dressing tables, coasters, and even a clock.

Ms. Ellis said that she received “many requests” from fans to add Mr. Weimar to the collection of portraits she painted during the city’s five lockdowns.

“It seems that’competent civil servants’ are still a trap for thirsty in the eyes of many people!” She said on social media.

Ms. Ellis has previously painted figures for the Victorian government, including Governor Daniel Andrews wearing the iconic North Face jacket, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton and former Health Secretary Jeanne Mikakos.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, previously little-known government bureaucrats have become household names and have gathered avid followers.

Nowhere is more obvious than in Victoria where Professor Sutton is located Be labeled as “sex symbol” During the peak period of more than 100 days of closure in Melbourne.

Professor Sutton’s face also appeared on the coffee cup, and even on the calendar for sale in December, with photos taken at a Victorian press conference.

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