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The great Dane Swan was angry at the renewal of the Victorian blockade and called on the “incompetent” governor Daniel Andrews to resign immediately.

The great Dane, Swann, was angry at the renewal of the Victorian blockade and called on Governor Daniel Andrews to resign immediately.

During the city’s 2020 Covid-19 crisis, outspoken critics of the Melbourne lockdown are now calling on the government to respond to the coronavirus and all senior officials are condemned.

His public call came after the announcement A few days later, the blockade in parts of the state has been extended The rising Covid-19 infection.

The lockdown was originally scheduled to end at 11:59 pm on June 3, but now strict restrictions will be implemented in Melbourne for another 7 days.

Six new local cases of Covid-19 were confirmed overnight, bringing the state’s infection cluster to 60.

This is too much for Swann. He clearly expressed his anger on Twitter. He specifically mentioned Andrews, Acting Governor James Melino, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton and the Secretary of Health on Twitter. Martin Foley.

Swan wrote on Twitter: “This is not because they extended the lockdown period, but because we are back here.”

“Other states seem to be controlling it, but our leaders are too incompetent. They keep letting us down. They should all stand aside and let others try.

“I don’t know about politics or the left and the right. I think I will be in the middle like most rational people, but how can someone vote for the person in charge of Victoria to beg for faith again. How do they keep fucking…Victorian People are incredible.”

He also sent a message to any Twitter fans who dared to question his qualifications to talk about this complex issue.

Last week, Swann was one of the commentators, as soon as they saw An NBA game that attracted 15,000 people to watch in New York, and the AFL was forced to play the game behind closed doors Because of the quick lock.

Swann attacked Andrews last year for extending the blockade Again in September.

“This bastard really makes me intolerable,” Swann wrote.

“In the next few months, the government will face a lot of fines. Whether anyone likes it or not, breaking the rules will get worse.”

Swan received some comments that contradicted him-and fought back.

“Hey, if you don’t understand how Twitter works, this is my account, I will and will say whatever fucking I like, whenever and wherever. Just like all of you do on your account That way. This is not rocket surgery,” Swan wrote.


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