AFL 2021: Dustin Martin kidney injury, Richmond Tigers news, unbreakable behavior after Brisbane Lions game

Lost in the earthquake news of Dustin Martin’s departure this season, it was an elegant and difficult moment in the minutes before he was sent to the hospital.

Dustin Martin got rid of the pain of a severe kidney injury within a few minutes before being sent to the hospital, returned to the court and shook hands with the Lions and Tigers teammates.

The superstar was excluded for the remainder of the 2021 AFL season on Saturday.

The Tigers issued a statement confirming that a scan on Friday night showed that he suffered Severe kidney injury during his team’s victory over Brisbane On Friday night.

When colliding with Brisbane hardcore Mitch Robinson in the third quarter, he fell to the ground in pain and was on all fours again when he reached the border.

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He did not return to the scene, but was taken to the team’s locker room for medical evaluation.

Earlier on Saturday, when his teammates flew back to Melbourne, Martin remained in the hospital on the Gold Coast where he will stay for a few days.

Despite his poor condition, after the full-time sirens returned to the court, people saw Martin to show respect for the opposing players and congratulate his teammates after the upset victory.

When he was in contact with captain Trent Cotchin, people saw him cringe from the pain.

This was a brave act and left a deep impression on some commentators of the entire game.

Earlier, Richmond Club doctor Greg Hickey said: “Dustin spent the night in the hospital for observation and has seen a urologist this morning. He feels good and is stable.

“Considering the delicate nature of the injury and recovery schedule, he will not play again this season.”

Rich satisfaction ball boss Tim Livingstone said: “We are very disappointed that Dustin will be on the sidelines for a while, but we are now focusing on his immediate health.

“Dustin, with the help of the medical and support staff around him, we will do our best to support him during his recovery.”

Tigers coach Damian Hardwick said in a post-match press conference that Martin was taken to the hospital for “preventive reasons.”

“We want to fly home, so we want to make sure he can fly-it’s a difficult journey for Dusty,” he said.

“He feels a lot of pain… but he immediately said he will get better next week, but we will wait to see what the doctor says and what the scan results are.”

This is a cruel blow to the Tigers, it is likely to be the end of the club’s Premier League defense, just one day after their victory over the Lions, the club seems to have recovered.

Before Friday night’s victory, the Tigers had lost four consecutive games, improving their record to 8-9. Their battle to qualify for the AFL Finals series suddenly became more difficult.

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