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With The Advertiser’s apps, alert notifications, and email newsletters, you will never miss a headline. Here is how to get credible news.

With The Advertiser’s app, mobile alert notifications and email newsletters, you will never miss the latest news headlines from South Australia.

You can learn about our agenda setting news, analysis and sports in the following ways.


South Australia’s trusted news source has been rebuilt from the ground up, faster, smarter, less congested, and more user-friendly.

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Advertisers’ newly upgraded apps can be downloaded for free and contain options to personalize your news feed, including choosing the topics you want to read.

As an all-digital subscriber, it includes quick access to Today’s Paper, which is a very popular digital copy Advertisers and the Sunday Post print editionRead more about the features of our application below.

To get our app, just download from your apple or Android app Store.

If you are not a subscriber, you can still download the app for free and enjoy some of our stories, but for full access to SA’s most comprehensive news source, please consider subscription.

Apple users: download apps in the Apple App Store

ANDROID users: download the app on GOOGLE PLAY

More about our app

You need to subscribe to access all this great content. Whether you are interested in breaking news, politics, football, crime, entertainment or business, The Advertiser app can meet your needs.

Live and latest: In the “My News” section, get news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customize your news feed: In “My News”, you can customize your news feed by selecting the section to be displayed in the top navigation menu, allowing easy access to topics that interest you. Crow or power, crime or education, entertainment or business-which one would you choose?

News reminder: Our digital editor sends news alerts for major reports throughout the day, and automatically pops up a short summary on the home screen of your phone or tablet. If you want to read the full story, just click. You can customize the type of news alerts you want to receive in the “Settings” of the main menu of the application.

Read today’s paper: Read “Advertisers” and “Sunday Mail” anytime, anywhere, using digital copies of paper that are exactly the same as in printing. Access the past 14 issues of magazines and your favorite shows such as Escape, Body+Soul, Stellar, At Home, and Binge TV guides. In addition, you can download and read offline later.

podcast: With just one tap, you will find dozens of our podcasts in a clean, easy-to-navigate space, which you can listen to or download for later use.

Discover more: Get closer to the game with real-time AFL scores and expert analysis-or train your brain with daily interactive Sudoku and fast and mysterious crosswords.

Improved navigation: Tap between “My News” and “Today’s Newspaper” at the bottom of the app for quick access. In addition, you can swipe between stories instead of switching back and forth like on the web. Customize your news alerts in the “Settings” menu in “All Sections”.

App reminder

After downloading our app, please ensure that you get the headlines when the news happens by activating the alert. When news happens, you will receive notifications on your mobile or tablet device. Select the alert that suits your favorite reading by going to Menu> Settings> Notifications in the app.


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