Adelaide Ravens vs. Collingwood Magpies: AFL coach Matthew Nix says the Covid-19 fine has nothing to do with the loss of the Adelaide Oval

Ravens coach Matthew Knicks broke his silence in a Covid-19 error last Sunday, which cost his club a staggering $50,000.

The frustrated Adelaide coach Matthew Nix dismissed the view that the AFL’s investigation of its players for violation of the Covid agreement and the subsequent huge fines of the league had anything to do with Saturday’s shocking loss of Collingwood.

The underpowered Pies raided Adelaide early and then won the Adelaide Oval with a score of 12.6 (78) to 10.13 (73).

The Ravens were fined $50,000 by the AFL a few hours before the start of the game after some players and officials were discovered on a commercial flight returning from Sydney last Sunday.

When asked if the controversy distracted his players, the Knicks emphasized this point.

“No,” the coach replied.

“We didn’t start the game correctly and we were very frustrated that we could not get the result.”

The Knicks also refuted that the incident was another stain on the transcripts of a club that had been accused of bad culture in the past.

“We value our character and the people in the football club, but we made a mistake,” he said.

“In this case, we got it wrong.

“So we raised our hands for this, but it won’t go back to people with poor personality or our culture.

“This is a mistake we made and we must do better.

“We apologize to the people on the plane, and we will continue to work hard to do our best… Unfortunately, we were wrong.”

The Knicks had to lament the early decision-making errors and terrible technical errors, as well as the lack of structure in the later period, which caused his team to fall to the seventh defeat in eight games.

“In a way, this is when we finally give up all respect for Collingwood,” he said.

“It was a great victory for them, but we gave them the ball over and over again.

“It is frustrating to make a mistake at the end of the game and completely lose our structure at the beginning of the game.

“We sat down after the game and made a long comment, but unfortunately, we were very disappointed again.

“There are some positives there, we have seen some growth, but it is unacceptable to stand up like we did when we started the game.”

Six one

Nathan Barkley welcomed the influence of six-ball hero Jamie Elliott after the star forward sacked Collingwood in the first game of a long-term injury suspension and beat him by a staggering five points. Adelaide.

After a week of board quarrels and criticism of their poor performance in the 11th round of their loss to Geelong, the Magpies spent about 12 hours on the ground in Adelaide before completing a bold interstate raid. Returned to Victoria with the third victory of the season.

The Pies have only won one game since Elliott fell with a broken leg in the second round, but the unpopular visitors shocked the Ravens at home, and Elliott played in the opening blitz The key role helped establish Saturday’s 12.6 (78) to 10.13 (73) victory.

As the losses increased, Barkley regretted the lack of connection between his midfielder and the forward, but Elliott’s presence was of great help in solving this problem. The star scored in the first quarter. Four of the five goals, then kicked the winner to end his career. -The best transportation.

Barkley said: “We missed his talent and wisdom in front of the ball. It is an honor for him to be able to bring that kind of influence.”

“Our fitness staff is able to keep him in this state is a kind of credit, but the individual needs to master his own situation.

“Obviously, he can go all out to put himself in a position where he can have such an impact, and the winning goal is clearly an impressive performance.

“There is no doubt that a smart player will definitely help in front of the ball (our striker contact).

“When you have this ability on the receiving end of the game, it makes us look a little better.”

Barkley’s men must abide by a series of strict Covid agreements to be allowed to fly to South Australia on Saturday morning.

After returning with a negative test result upon arrival, Pies had to cool their heels on the ground for several hours, but they took a 23-point lead at the first break, but showed no signs of lethargy.

After losing to the Cats, Barkley’s defensive first game plan was severely criticized. Although the Magpies passed the ball more smoothly against the Ravens, the coach denied that he adjusted his strategy.

“The message is no different from the last three or four weeks,” he said.

“Our best offense comes from very good defense, and the information is the same.

“We still feel that we can become a team that is well balanced on both sides of the ball.

“It’s not surprising that the best defensive team won the final and won the flag, half of the reason is because it gives them a platform to attack.

“I think when you win, people will be more positive about you.”

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