Adam Goodes rejects AFL Hall of Fame honors, Tim Watson comments

An AFL icon-born radio host was accused of missing this point when he responded to Adam Goodes’ Hall of Fame refusal.

Football legend Tim Watson was criticized for making comments on the radio because Adam Goodes rejected his proposal to be elected to the AFL Hall of Fame.

The Sydney legend was a victim of unacceptable racism and was booed out of the game, and Tell AFL that he doesn’t want to be a member of the Hall of Fame Because of the way his career ended.

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Speaking of Goodes’ decision Mori breakfast On Tuesday, Essendon’s great Watson said he was “surprised that he (Goodes) rejected it” and the bridge was not repaired.

“I’m trying to put myself on his side. This is always a difficult thing to do because of the journey he has gone through, the experience of the last few years of his career, and the reception he received in the game, the facts He didn’t like the game itself-as the management of the game-to support him during that time,” Watson said.

“(I was surprised) because I would think… he has retired for five years, and I would think that repatriation has occurred within those five years, and the harm that occurred at that time I think it may have relieved him mentally, He may have been able to repair some of the bridges between himself and the game and have a different sense of his time, and then just appreciate all the great things in the game delivered to him and won for himself.

“We always say that time is a good therapist, I just think that time may have cured all these differences. Obviously, it hasn’t.

“This is his right. If he feels this way, he has the right not to accept the introduction. I feel sorry for all of this. I am very sad and it hit him hard. Five years later, he still feels like he is in the AFL. There is no place in football.”

In 2019, the AFL finally apologized to Goodes and admitted that it did not take enough measures to eliminate the racist booing and contemptuous treatment of one of the best players in the game.

Watson admitted that what happened was unacceptable, but came under fire for seeming to suggest that Goodes was surprised that he could not repair the relationship that was broken by his traumatic saga.

Journalist Greg Jericho wrote on Twitter: “‘We always say that time is a good therapist, I just think time may have cured all these differences. Obviously, it doesn’t’. Wait? You mean you Can’t you just sweep it under the carpet and wait?”

The reporter Robert Lusetich replied: “It seems that Adam Goodes is the one who needs to repair the bridge that was blown up with nuclear weapons by those who hid behind him for other reasons. Adam is The only one who maintained pride and integrity throughout the chaos.

“AFL and Australia disappoint Adam Goodes, not the other way around.

“What happened to Adam Goodes is a kind of irony. People who can’t see it look in the mirror. No wonder he doesn’t repair the bridge.”

Journalist Maddison Connaughton wrote: “This really sums up an attitude that’he may be able to repair some of the bridges between himself and the game’, as if the AFL has no effect.”

Sports commentator and former radio and television personality Francis Ritchie sarcastically said in response to Watson’s remarks: “Forgive and forget, because, you know, this is football! They still don’t understand.”

Former football team Francis Avalitfe added: “Yes, they still don’t understand. Many people just don’t understand how much racism affects Goodes, Lumumba, Wilkinson and many indigenous players. The wound is deep. In some cases, some people will never fully recover.”

Talk about NFL 360 On Tuesday night, Eddie Betts called for racial discrimination during his football career-saying Time can’t heal all wounds.

Bates said: “It will leave scars. When you talk about racial abuse, time will cure it. Time cannot cure racism. It will always be with you.” “When I think of it, I think of it every time I think about it. When I was racially discriminated against, it hurt me deeply. It is true. It still hurts my heart to this day. I think it will hurt me for the rest of my life. I think what happened to Adam will hurt his life.

“I think people must respect his decision and understand his decision. I know that the media has made it public today. I know that there will be many comments about Adam and his life, but I just believe that people need to respect Adam’s decision. The decision, This is his decision. He was racially discriminated against.

“If you are not racially discriminated against, then you don’t know what it feels like. It hurt you deeply. Obviously it hurt Adam deeply. I hope people there can respect the decision that Adam didn’t want to accept.”

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