5 new coronavirus cases recorded

Victoria recorded five new local coronavirus cases on Saturday.

An infected person was also reported in the hotel quarantine area.

The state now has 78 active cases, while the current outbreak is 69 cases.

According to the Ministry of Health, 24,263 doses of vaccine have been vaccinated in the past 24 hours and 36,362 test results have been received.

On Friday, the state recorded four local cases and two were isolated in hotels.

The new data was released after news that the “Delta” strain of the coronavirus had been found in 7 people in Melbourne, including 3 children.

B. 1.617.2 is the same coronavirus strain that once wreaked havoc in India.

After genetic testing revealed that the strain had infected at least two of a family of four who traveled to Jervis Bay, New South Wales in late May, an emergency search is currently underway to find the source in Melbourne.

Worryingly, the genes of this strain have not been traced back to any existing delta infections, including infections in the hotel quarantine area.

This variant is different from the rest of the Victoria outbreak, which is another subtype of the Indian variant called Kappa.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said there is anecdotal evidence that Delta variants are more serious and more contagious in children.

“This variant has some anecdotal reports about greater contagion among children,” he told reporters on Friday morning.

“There is not much information on the severity of this variant of the disease, although there are some anecdotal reports that children are getting worse and children are more infectious… so we are concerned about this.

“However, what is more gratifying is that we tend to see less transmission in the school environment and between children.

“But we must have new evidence, obviously what happened here.”

Earlier, Acting Governor James Merlino announced on Wednesday that the initial “circuit breaker” lockdown measures in Greater Melbourne would be extended for another week.

According to restrictions, people can only leave their homes for one of five reasons: buying food and supplies, authorized work and education, nursing and nursing, exercising with one person for up to two hours a day, and getting vaccinated.

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