2021 French Open news: Roger Federer withdraws, tennis world reacts

Roger Federer shocked the tennis world with his dramatic mid-term announcement, and not everyone is satisfied with him.

Roger Federer’s withdrawal from the French Open shocked the tennis world.

The Swiss master announced on Twitter that he would withdraw from the second Grand Slam this year, saying that he needs to take care of his body.

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“After discussing with my team, I decided that I need to withdraw from the French Open today,” he said in a statement.

“After two knee surgeries and more than a year of rehabilitation, it is important that I listen to my body and make sure that I do not push myself too quickly on the road to recovery.

“I am very happy to have won three games. There is no better feeling to be back on the court. Come and see everyone!”

French Open tournament director Guy Fugate said: “The French Open tournament regrets Roger Federer’s withdrawal. He fought an incredible battle last night.

“We wish him all the best for the rest of the season.”

This year is Federer’s first participation in the French Open since 2015.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion performed well in the first three games of the French Open, beating Dennis Istomin, Dominique Copfer and Marin Cilic.

Federer’s blockbuster triggers an angry backlash

Federer is one of the most beloved players in tennis history, but not everyone is satisfied with his decision to withdraw halfway through the game, just to allow his body to participate in the Wimbledon Tennis Open.

Former star turned ESPN analyst Patrick McEnroe told New York Times: “I understand, but I don’t like it. It is not a good thing to quit the tournament halfway through.

“If you severely sprain your ankle and finish the game with adrenaline, that’s one thing. Those things happen. But when you play in the tournament knowing that you might not be able to actually complete the tournament, that’s another thing.

“Roger can’t expect him to participate in the first three or four rounds of the French Open will not have some physically demanding matches. This is inevitable.

“Listen, he is trying to get himself ready for Wimbledon, and I believe he has done it. Many people say he is Roger Federer. He can do whatever he wants. This is what he deserves, and I understand this. A little bit, but I still don’t like it.”

Former tennis agitator John McEnroe-Patrick’s brother-is also important.

“Maybe Roger might have done a big deal and acquiesced to the match point (to Koepfer)… but it is easy for me to say in Malibu,” he said in a comment on NBC.

Former Australian Open tournament director Paul McNamee expressed dissatisfaction with Federer’s decision. “You are not in a candy store, you can choose the game you participate in, because your behavior will affect others and the game,” he wrote on Twitter when the rumors began to circulate, the Swiss star may quit.

However, Federer also has his supporters. Tennis legend Chris Evert said the veteran won the right to do what he thinks is the best.

“I think Roger can do whatever he wants,” Evert told Reuters.

“He has paid the price he deserves. He is 39 years old and his goal is Wimbledon on the grass. This is his dream game, where the assembly time is shorter and it is good for mobility and strength.

“I think he was surprised to enter the second week of the French (Open). I think he used it as a practice match, but obviously with wear and tear, when he hasn’t played for a long time, it’s a 39-year-old body Caused harm.

“I am behind him 100%. This should not be a blow to the championship. He wants to make the best preparation for Wimbledon.”

Russian star Daniel Medvedev is also in Federer’s corner.

“Roger is 39 years old. Maybe after the game he worked with his physical therapist, he felt knee pain, or where he had surgery,” he said. “Then he knew that he might hurt himself and would not be able to play for a while.

“I don’t understand why he should be criticized. At the same time, I understand the people who do this.”

The weird scene before the end of the Fed

Federer finds himself in an unusual position After midnight, the third round was played against Koepfer without crowdsFederer fought for three and a half hours, and it was not until after midnight that he defeated the world ranked 59th player 7-6 6-7 7-6 7-5 to advance to the round of 16.

He was supposed to compete with Matteo Berrettini for the quarter-finals.

However, after the Swiss star underwent two knee surgeries in 2020, he admitted that there are still doubts about his success.

Federer has only participated in his third game since the Australian Open last year and has always said that Wimbledon is his main goal.

After the four-set marathon against Koepfer on Sunday, his writing is on the wall.

“I now prefer to stand in the position of Rafah or Novak. I feel good. If I play well, I will win. I don’t feel that way now,” Federer said in the first sign. He does not intend to reappear in the last 16 games with Berrettini.

“I need to decide whether to continue the game, or whether it is too risky to continue at the moment. Is this just the perfect way to rest?

“Because I didn’t have a week between here and Halle, as usual, see what is best if you count down from Wimbledon now.”

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