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Naomi Osaka’s boyfriend sent her a clear message that when she withdrew from the French Open, the world condemned the tennis boss.

On Tuesday morning (Australian Eastern Standard Time), the world was taken aback when it learned that Osaka Naomi had withdrawn from the French Open.

The Japanese star issued a lengthy statement stating that she had “Since the 2018 U.S. Open, I have been in a state of depression for a long time” And plan to take some time out of this sport to focus on her health.

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The big decision made before the second round of clashes between Osaka and Anna Bogdan was the tennis world The fiercely debated call for the world’s second-ranked boycott of all her media promises In Paris, the reason is the lack of care for the mental health of athletes.

“Ashamed of you”: The world condemns Osaka’s treatment

Before the announcement on Tuesday, Osaka was widely criticized in the tennis world because many people disagreed with her accusing the media of disrespect for players’ mental health and said Not true at allAuthorities advised her to avoid media attention to her own struggles on the clay court and avoid being questioned about her bad state.

The four Grand Slams also issued a joint statement on Monday Threatening Osaka with disqualification If she continues to snub the media.

After the 23-year-old publicly talked about her mental health issues, distraught fans expressed anger at how the four-time Grand Slam champion was kicked out of Paris and pointed the finger at the lack of bosses of the sport. Sympathy.

Sports podcast Dave Zilling said that “the king of tennis treated Osaka is shameful”, while reporter Doff Kleiman wrote on Twitter: “For those who force Osaka to withdraw from the French Open, this is a kind of Shameful situation.”

Donal Loge wrote: “Each major sport verbally emphasized how issues surrounding mental health became a priority, but when Naomi Osaka asked for help because she was struggling, @rolandgarros and the French Open People kicked her out of the tournament,” added the label “ashamed of you.”

Author Katie O’Brien added: “Osaka Naomi’s choice to take care of her mental health, being punished for doing so, and then apologizing for taking care of herself, seems to perfectly prove her initial views/worries.”

Ross McLaughlin wrote: “All four Grand Slam directors have publicly threatened Naomi Osaka not to attend the press conference. For them, performing puppet shows is more important than playing games by top athletes, which almost solidifies me. Views on the International Tennis Federation.”

Jon Wertheim of “Sports Illustrated” also pointed the finger at the way the four famous Osaka generals joined forces, accusing them of issuing “severe, even threatening and insulting statements, essentially threatening to prohibit she was”.

“There is also disappointment and even anger here, because it shouldn’t have come this far,” Wertheim wrote.

“It would be nice to use French words with a little nuance. A rough understanding of Osaka will be of great help.”

Boyfriend sends a provocative message, tennis star reacts

Osaka’s boyfriend and rapper Cordae made a provocative comment on her Instagram post, announcing her withdrawal.

“No need to apologize to anyone!” he wrote.

Other professional players also support the world’s second ranking. Junior tennis star Coco Goff wrote: “Stay strong.” I appreciate your vulnerability. “

Venus Williams commented: “I am proud of you. Take care of yourself and see you win it back soon!”

Sloan Stephens said, “We are behind you, baby, take your time!”

Former professional player Mardy Fish added: “Mental health is nothing to criticize. There is nothing to joke about. Please take your mental health seriously. Without my support system, I really believe I won’t have today. To you.”

Tennis idol Martina Navratilova wrote on Twitter: “I feel very sad for Naomi Osaka. I really hope she will be fine. As athletes, we are taught to take care of our bodies, maybe The mental and emotional aspects have been neglected. It’s not just about doing or not doing a press conference. Good luck to Naomi-we are all cheering for you.”

NBA star Stephen Curry (Steph Curry) also made comments. “You shouldn’t make such a decision-but it’s really impressive to take the high-speed road when power doesn’t protect yourself. Mainly respect @naomiosaka,” he wrote.

A satirical statement from the tennis owner

Last week, Gilles Moretton, the president of the French Tennis Federation (FFT), criticized Osaka for making “a surprising mistake” in boycotting the press conference. On Tuesday, he issued a statement about her withdrawal in front of reporters, but left without answering any questions.

“The result of Naomi’s withdrawal from the French Open is unfortunate. We wish her all the best and recover as soon as possible. We look forward to letting Naomi participate in our competition next year,” he said.

“As all Grand Slams, WTA, ATP and ITF, we are still very committed to the well-being of all athletes, and continue to improve the players’ experience in all aspects of our games-including the media, just as we have always done .”

Tennis reporter Ben Rothenberg wrote on Twitter: “After the Osaka withdrawal, President FFT did not answer questions from the media. This is a huge irony to anyone.”


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