2021 French Open: Naomi Osaka is depressed, Piers Morgan offensive, Meghan Markle claims


Pierce Morgan launched a fierce attack on Naomi Osaka and brutally compared her with Meghan Markle.

Piers Morgan insisted on his criticism of Naomi Osaka, even though he was strongly opposed after accusing her of playing the victim and directly adopting the tactics in “Meghan and Harry’s Script”.

British media people have always been A fierce criticism of Megan and Harry And in the column Daily mail Earlier this week, he accused Osaka of using mental health problems Avoid attending French Open press conferences.

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Osaka since then Quit the Grand Slam completely After a round of competitions solely for reasons of mental health, she said that since 2018 she has suffered from “long-term depression” and became “anxious” when interviewed by the world media.

in spite of Many experts criticized Osaka for initially claiming that the media did not consider players’ mental health, The world to a large extent Put your arms around the Japanese star After she decided to quit the French Open and took time out of tennis.

However, Morgan did not back down, responding to a series of tweets critical of him-some of which accused the former TV star of having problems with women of color.

“What does her skin color have to do with this? If Naomi Osaka was white, I would write the same column. Morgan wrote in response to political commentator Ameshia Cross that he now claims that he “hates black people” female”.

In another tweet, Morgan wrote: “No matter what the behavior is, can well-known women of color be immune from criticism? Sorry, I must have missed the wake-up memo! The person I have criticized the most in the past year is Donald T. Lampe and Boris Johnson, when I checked last time, they were identified as white.”

“Which reporter dared to criticize Naomi Osaka again? She got what she wanted—no more criticism, only praise,” Morgan added on social media. “At the same time, all her tennis professionals will continue to fulfill their contractual obligations to the media and be criticized when they deserve it. Does this seem fair?

“I have encountered the problem of some celebrities using the media to obtain huge financial benefits, then attacking the same media and using mental health as a weapon to suppress criticism.

“My criticism of people has nothing to do with gender or skin color, but with how annoying they are.”

Morgan also stated on Twitter that Osaka “withdrew because of her attack on the work of the tennis media” and not a mental health issue.

Morgan defended his sensitivity to topics such as mental health and posted photos of himself and Serena Williams as his defense to critics.

Grand Slam retreats after Osaka threat

At the same time, the four Grand Slams on Wednesday (AEST) promised to “create meaningful improvements” for their games to avoid a repeat of the Osaka storm.

On Sunday, Osaka was fined nearly $20,000 for failing to attend a press conference after winning the first round. The Grand Slam chairman warned her of the future consequences and even threatened to disqualify her from being ranked second in the world.

They said: “Repeated violations will result in tougher sanctions, including absenteeism and investigations for major violations, which may result in more substantial fines and suspensions in future majors.”

However, the tennis boss adopted a more sympathetic tone in his new statement on Wednesday.

“On behalf of the Grand Slam, we hope Naomi Osaka will provide us with support and help in any possible way when she leaves the stadium. She is an excellent athlete and we look forward to her return as soon as we see fit,” France, The statement of the US and Australian Opens and Wimbledon said.

“Mental health is a very challenging issue that deserves our high attention. It is complex and personal, because what affects one person does not necessarily affect another. We commend Naomi for sharing her feelings in her own words We are also sympathetic to the unique pressure that tennis players may face.

“Although the well-being of players has always been the top priority of Grand Slam tournaments, our purpose together with WTA, ATP and ITF is to promote mental health and well-being through further actions.

“As a community, we will continue to improve the player experience in our tournaments, including media-related experience. Regardless of ranking or status, it should be changed by maintaining the lens of fair competition. Sports requires rules and regulations to ensure that any player Neither will have an unfair advantage over another player.

“We intend to work with players, the tour, the media and the wider tennis community to create meaningful improvements. As a Grand Slam tournament, our goal is to create a stage for players to achieve the highest in the sport honor.”

Agence France-Presse

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